Another Day In The Life Of A Momma

Oy. It’s not very late & I am ready for bed! The kidlets woke up way too early this morning. They knew it … “Momma, the sun is still sleeping, because moon is still lighting up the sky” … but were all too awake to even think about going back to bed until sun or Mom & Dad were ready to get up!

It doesn’t help that Adam & I are sick again or should I say still? I thought we got sick enough when Kait started school, I figured we had amazing immune systems by now. WRONG. I don’t know who brings home more germs … a third grader with 25 other kids in her class or a preschooler with only 13 other kidlets. My money goes on the preschooler & all of her germ spreading, love to hug & share toys, but so adorable friends. Either way I will be spending more time at the walk in. This was not how I planned on spending my week off from work. Somehow my body didn’t get the memo that this was vacation time, not feel and look miserable while having time off from work.

New years eve wasn’t even exciting. I am ok with most days trading in my wine glass for a sippy cups, it’s the life of a momma and I would not change it for anything, but I would also love to have a few days where someone in this house is not sick! A momma can hope right? Until then we will be keeping lysol, germ-x and target & their pharmacy in business!

Not even kidding! I get up to go make some more tea and someone took my spot on the couch!

I am ready for bed! This headache, sick stomach, sore throat & cough can kick rocks anytime now! Happy Monday! Stay Healthy!


2 thoughts on “Another Day In The Life Of A Momma

  1. Hugs! We are still germ filled here too!! Yes, those small kidlets sure do love to share – espically things like GERMS that we do NOT want. {cough cough sniffle sniffle}

    Hope you and your crew feel better soon!

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