Quick Week & The Start Of A Skinnier Me!

Between my doctors appointments & Aiden’s I am ready for a break from the sterile smell of the doctors!! These past 5+ years have truly tested “in sickness & in health” part of our vows!

This week went by so fast! I worked two days I will admit … it was nice having a break and next week will be short too, because I will have a three day week! Although the reason for it is because I am out tomorrow due to having a couple of procedures. So that is not a fun reason to be out. I am so thankful that my job is so flexible & I can change my hours based on my schedule. It’s been amazing to not have to miss one Aiden’s speech & OT appointments and to be able to have time to go with him to all of his big appointments.

I am a fan of short weeks but not this because I am feeling MISERABLE! I am ready for tomorrow afternoon so I can eat food again! I feel like I am in labor & delivery all over again … Especially with Hailey. FOUR days of nothing but popsicles, sprite and jello. Once I wake up from my medicine induced coma, I am planning on having a feast! I already have everything planned out for dinner tomorrow, because I can’t wait to have some yummy, gooey comfort food! 

Speaking of the calories I will intake tomorrow … It’s a good thing we are now members of the Y here! I am seeing even more workouts in my very near future! I went in the pool for a a little over an hour yesterday .. didn’t realize how much of a workout I got swimming w. the babies! I also got used to how light Hailey felt in the water, because holy guacamole did it feel like she weighed a thousand pounds carrying her out of the pool! 

It is so nice though to be able to leave the kids in mini care & work out, swim & do my classes all in one trip! It is also making it much easier to get my workouts in. It’s so nice not to have to line up a babysitter to go to the gym, and they can come with me. It has also been super awesome for the kids to enjoy too! They love swimming in the pool! I definitely have water babies! Although note to self, don’t forget the towels at home on the couch when leaving to take them swimming! They will be taking their own classes now too. They will all be doing swimming lessons & the girls are hoping to start gymnastics soon. 

A coworker of mine and I are going to be doing a zumba class together, so I am super excited about that. Neither Rebeca or I are very coordinated so this should be interesting! I am also going to be doing a spinning & bootcamp class. After yesterdays low impact workout in the pool, aqua zumba might be worth a try too! What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger right? Oh and hopefully skinnier too!  

Have a fabulous sunday!


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