Slow Down The Growing Up Please!

It helps to hit publish when you write a post right? Well enjoy a post from a couple of weeks ago where I forgot to hit publish! 

I had a breakfast date w. Kaitlin this morning! It was so nice to be able to have time to chat, laugh, catch up & find out all of the things going on in my baby girl’s world.

I am not ready for my baby girl to grow up yet!

As I was listening to her talk about her science test that she had this week and that she got a 100% on with 4 extra credit points and about how her goal for month for her reading log is to have 3,000 minutes. . . I realized how much she has grown up!

I am not ready to be the momma of big kids! I feel like it was just yesterday they were born and learning how to walk.

My not so little babies!

Now she saying things like “isn’t it ironic?” When did my baby girl get so big? When did she get to the phase that she wants posters on her walls?! I am one of those moms who you will always seeing crying. I will admit it & have accepted it. I cried as we were hanging Justin Biber & Taylor Swift posters on her wall. I really cried at her christmas concert this year when she had a singing solo & two instrument solos.

I am trying to prepare for when Aiden starts school in about a month and already am a crying mess. I will really be a wreck the first day the bus stops at our house!!

It’s funny, sometimes I take for granted all of the time I had with them when I did stay home with them before I went back to work. Now I just want to hang on to that precious time because in the blink of an eye they are going to be getting ready to leave for college. Oh man, I think I should start investing in kleenex! I will always though have the moments that remind me how fast they are growing up.

Like this morning … Aiden is having a rough day of frequent meltdowns. It’s ok, it’s normal as I start air dancing and singing to the song “I will survive”. Well Adam was asking Aiden to go down to the play room and help clean up I mean after all he did pull over the cubbies along with everything the buckets in the cubbies were holding – – again singing & dancing. Well Aiden melted down, he is super tired, not feeling week these ear infections can take a fricken hike! and Aiden kept saying “Momma! Momma!” as he then crawled in between my legs and tightly wrapped his skinny arms around my legs.

I gave Adam a look .. no not that look but a look of H-E-L-P! I knew that he would scream, cry and be upset & I didn’t have the heart to tell him no. For those of you who know me, you know I have no problem being tough, but there is something about these little people. They are like kryptonite! I will save you the play by play of looks exchanged between Adam and I. His looks were “Rach, it will be ok. He will be ok”. Mine were ” I can’t. Not today. Try tomorrow. Today I want to spend my saturday snuggling & in peace”. Needless to say Adam stepped in and helped as he always does when I need him. Aiden was NOT happy, but he is ok. He had a mini meltdown but then went back to playing with his toys.

So Adam asked him now keep in mind we are working on him using his words & signs more to communicate with us so Adam says to him “Aiden, is Momma a pushover?” and his response was “Yes!” and then he looked at me and said “Love you Momma” & gave me a smooch. See … It’s hard to not be a pushover in a sweet moment like that. At the end of they day though, I need to get my A game on!

I am sure that given the way today is going … I have a feeling that I will get my chance to be the one that says NO!


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