The Closing Of This Chapter

It has been a very informative week to say the least. As I am sure many of you know by one of the more recent posts, some people who have learned of Aiden’s diagnosis are not very supportive or understanding. It is what it is, life will move on. We have. I don’t have time to think about those who judge us or don’t understand and don’t care to learn about autism or what it is. However I think it’s really important to remember and be thankful for those who do.

My sister in law said something to me this weekend that not only meant a lot to me, but also was a great reminder on the days when people say things because they don’t get it. I was telling her about someone who had the nerve to call my son a “retard” just thinking about it gets me angry all over again…Sarah’s response was “ugh he’s not retarded tho. ugh, some people are so ignorant and its unfortunate that people have the nerve to make such comments because he’s a perfect little angel and gift from God. I’m going to ask a lot of questions because i dont know anything about autism and why not ask to learn more?” 

I have to be honest, I wish more people had that attitude. I wish people would not stare when he is having a meltdown, but come up and ask questions.

We got the report from the speech therapist, occupational therapist, and the doctor from the developmental clinic this week. It didn’t say anything that I wasn’t expecting it to say, it didn’t have any awesome exciting news other then where Aiden is speech and language wise and also with his fine motor skills. One part of the speech therapist report that really touched me was ” Aiden is a sweet little boy who is struggling with his ability to relate and communicate with others. The doctors report really made Adam & I both feel like he got a clear picture of Aiden, but also like this chapter of the last year was finally closing. We knew exactly where we are starting at & will be able to know what areas we really need to work on with Aiden.

The video I posted in this post has been one that I have viewed many times. Every time I have watched it, I cry. Writing this post was no different the every other time I have watched it. Each time though I have a little bit more hope, motivation and a sense of renewed focus on autism education and simply standing up for not only my little boy but every other child in this world who has autism.

It’s true, there is no cure. Kids with autism are not “normal” but then again please find someone who meets the definition of normal and show them to me. I am a proud momma of a sweet little boy who has autism but he also has so many other amazing qualities and talents. Autism doesn’t define him or who he is. It’s not a label, but an answer to a question of how do we help Aiden.


4 thoughts on “The Closing Of This Chapter

  1. “I am proud momma of a sweet little boy who has autism but he also has so many other amazing qualities and talents. Autism doesn’t define him or who he is. It’s not a label, but an answer to a question of how do we help Aiden.”

    Well said. Don’t give up hope and keep looking for the answers to your questions. -Leah

  2. #1- I AM totally proud of all the blog posts! Love that you’re writing! You’ve inspired me to kick my own butt into gear & write more. Thank you!

    #2 – I love all these posts about Aiden & autism. As a teacher, I’m learning more every day. A coworker has a little one in her class who reminds me – look wise- of Aiden quite a bit. He’s one of my favorite kiddos to work with. What you write & go through definitely helps me know how to handle things a little more. Keep them coming!

    Love you!

    • Love you! Your support, encouragement & never ending cheerleading is one of the many reasons I am so thankful to have you in my life. I am glad when I married Adam that I got you along too!

      I am glad to know that my experiences & learning is helping. I will pass on anything I find out or learn. I have a couple of amazing books that you would enjoy. The best book I have found to date is “10 Things Every Child With Autism Wish You Knew”. We bought that book the day we got the original diagnosis back in May. It has forever changed the way we do/handle things.

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