Wadding Through The Land Of Uncharted Territory

This has been a fabulous weekend! I wish every weekend could be this relaxing. I have not gotten a whole lot accomplished, but did get to spend a lot of quality time with the kids & Adam! So all in all it was a great weekend!

Yesterday we took the girls out to lunch & to run some errands with us. We took Kait out to celebrate her awesomesauce report card & her reading log for the month of January .. she read 3,225 minutes! Hailey went with us too because she cleaned the entire play room by herself & also because we thought it would be fun to have some girl time!

Adam and I are also trying to do things with the girls as often as we can, just the two of them and us. We have to make a lot of trips with just Aiden and we do a lot of fun things with him when we are gone mostly because I don’t want to poor kid to associate going on a trip as getting poked, prodded and evaluated. So we go to lunch or the zoo .. just something fun to make the trip less stressful on him. We have started making dates with the girls so they also get that same time and don’t feel left out or like we don’t want to do those things with them. I am thankful we are able to make dates & enjoy our time out, not because we have yet another trip to the doctor to make.

My beautiful lunch dates :)

I have been hearing a lot from other parents of special needs kidlets that this time is super important to make sure that you spend time with the other kids and keep an open conversation about their feelings positive or negative.

I will be the first one to tell you that I love that the girls are so supportive of their little brother. At the same time though they don’t always understand that Adam and I have to do things differently for him then we do for them.

I feel like we are all going through all sorts of uncharted territory right now. There are good days like this weekend has been and then there are days when I wonder how I am going to get through tonight let alone tomorrow. Through this whole journey though I have learned a lot and we have become a much closer family. I may look like a hot mess somedays and have dark circles around my eyes from lack of sleep, but we will be ok. We will make it. Thousands of other people do it everyday & we are not alone in this journey. I am so excited to start meeting other parents and kidlets at the autism play groups. It will be nice to spend time with people who are going through some similar things.

Thank you to each and every person who is supporting us, cheering us on & keeping up with us on this journey. Adam & I truly appreciate more then you know each comment & email of support. THANK YOU!


5 thoughts on “Wadding Through The Land Of Uncharted Territory

  1. I think the most important thing is that you know you’re never alone. None of you are. Even on the darkest days when you feel like there’s nothing else left, you’ve got all these amazing people right here cheering you on. You & Adam are amazing parents. I’ve never met you & even I can clearly see it. You’re doing an awesome job with those kids, Rach.

  2. Rachel, I love the photo of Kait & Hailey! You are doing a SUPERB job as a family. We are all praying for you. PS Garnier makes a great dark circle eye roller/concealer. Peace & Love!

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