Momma Song

Tonight when I was taking the babies in, I thought it was going to be like any other night. We would sing after I tucked them in and like most nights Aiden would sing if he felt like it. Tonight though was not like every other night. Tonight he sang me a song all by himself! I wish I could have gotten a video of it so that I could replay it when he is older & remember this moment.

“Momma. You are my momma. You make me happy, when skies are gray. You never know how much I love you. Don’t take my momma away”. You may not have been able to understand each word but you could tell he was trying & that is what he was saying. It made me cry. Partly because I am so tired and dealing with a lot right now so I am super emotional & also because it was a true sign of how far he has come. He just sang me a song … And not just any song but he sang me his “momma song” :) We now can sing FOUR songs together!

In other not so sweet news … Adam broke his finger tonight. I will spare you a picture of the gruesome scene called his finger/hand right now. He was putting in his water pump that thankfully broke open when he pulled on our street on sunday morning not like when we were traveling back from out of town or when we had the kids in the car. It also helped that it was his car and not mine. His water pump is much cheaper! The last thing we need right now is another huge car repair bill! Yet, this time it cost him a finger. My poor husband. He is super tired from having to leave for work at 6am this morning to take a group of reps out to breakfast and then on a tour. Then he came home early to take care of me. These headaches are getting worse, so he came home to help with the kids & to fix his car while we took much needed naps! Well I awoke to a husband in pain he is one of those husbands who almost has to be on his death bed to complain of pain or go to the doctor! So when I heard “RACH! Rach I need to go to the walk in” I am pretty sure I shot straight up from the couch. Oh well just another day in our life.


4 thoughts on “Momma Song

  1. To the tune of “Are you my Sunshine, my only sunshine”? If so, he personalized something for you! That’s pretty awesome!

    Hopefully, Adam heals quick and well.

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