This is amazing to watch! We also I am sure regularly annoy our friends & family with Aiden’s food allergies & diet needs.

A Ventography!

TO WATCH VIDEO CLICK FOLLOWING LINK→   ramen-digestion_n_1263825.html?ncid=webmail6

While we lived on Ramen noodles in college, once autism came into our lives, we became believers in the importance of a healthy, whole foods diet. We now regularly annoy our friends and family members by lecturing them on the dangers of processed foods – preservatives, additives, etc.

When we saw this video, we felt validated. Here, before your very eyes, you can see the difference in how your body processes “real” versus “fake” (processed) foods.

We feel this is especially important viewing for the autism community, since so many of our children have severe gut issues. From this video, one can see that processed foods like Ramen and Gatorade stay fully formed in the stomach for hours. Where as, whole foods are easily broken down and processed for utilization as nature intended.

Please take a few minutes to watch this thought-provoking…

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