Special Day With My Baby Girl & An Awesome Surprise!

 I took today off from work so that I could take Hailey on her class field trip to see the Eric Carle stories. It was so much fun!

When we walked into the theater & found out seats … Hailey started looking around at the theater & said “WOW! This is so fancy! I love it here!” I agree the theater is an amazing & beautiful place! It was so awesome that she and I got to share that experience with her!

We saw The Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See & Papa Please Get The Moon For Me. Then we went & had a lunch date just Hailey & I!

Hanging out & coloring before we left to go to the theater!

We had so much fun! The play was awesome! I can’t say that I miss riding on a school bus, but even that wasn’t so bad. I also had the cutest company too!

I had three preschoolers who sat with me during the play. I must have the mom vibe because I had one on each arm snuggling and one in my lap & whenever we were not in our seats I always had little hands to hold onto. It was precious!

My baby girl is growing up so fast! Before we left for the theater we got to hang out and play! It was so much fun! They are doing some awesome things at preschool. Hailey told me I should have two jobs .. the one I have now my “day time job” according to her is being a superhero who helps all of the kids and their momma’s and daddy’s who need help & a hug. I love her perspective on the world & my job. Make me smile every time and my other job should be hanging out at preschool with her and her friends!

Love her smile & giggles

After we got back to preschool she and I went out for our lunch date! It was so much fun to spend time with my not so little girl. In less then a month my baby will be turning 4! I am not sure I am ready for that yet! I want a pause button so I can savor moments & memories like today for a little bit longer!

I also came home to a super cute surprise!

Isn't this adorable! I am such a lucky auntie :)

Mail from the worlds sweetest nephew! Uncle Adam & Auntie Rachel got the cutest valentine from one of my favorite boys in the world!

The kids also got their own valentine from their super awesome cousin too! :) I read it to Hailey & her response was “Awwww, that makes my heart so happy!”

I am so excited to see them in a couple of weeks! What makes a birthday weekend even better? Getting to spend it with the sister, rents & of course Dylan! I am looking forward to some fun w. Sarah! We are getting pedi’s, grabbing lunch and of course doing some shopping!! It will be so nice to have some much needed family time & relaxing!


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