Nothing A Run Won’t Help

Stress. Disappointment. Frustration. Annoyance. These words pretty much explain the afternoon of my day, only the disappointment and annoyance continued this evening. It is what it is. I just guess I shouldn’t expect much to change in certain situations and unfortunately I did. I thought things would be different, but guess the more things change the more they stay the same.

I did however get some awesome news this morning! :) We got the results back from my MRI/MRA. I do have a couple of enlarged blood vessels, but I am not developing any blood clots or aneurisms like they were looking for. So I have to keep detoxing from caffeine that has not been easy at all and then I have to continue to keep my stress to a minimum as you can see that is working out well by the first word of this post but now I know that I don’t have a ticking time bomb in my head! That is always good news. I think this put into perspective though that Adam and I need to be prepared. We have three little people who depend on us & need us to think about these things for them … even if it is just in case. So we will be meeting with the lawyer soon. In all reality we have more then just who will take care of the babies to think about, we also have to think about Aiden & all of his needs. Until all of this neither one of us even thought about power of attorney either. Time to grow up & get those important things taken care of. Time to pull up the big girl panties!

I am happy though that I got the green light to to start working out again. It’s been a LONG week without being able to workout. I have been going everyday and racking up the miles so I am ready to get back to it! Also what clears the stress like a nice long run to some loud music?!


One thought on “Nothing A Run Won’t Help

  1. i know you are disappointed, i am too but i am so glad you are going to be around to spend the next hundred years making me the happiest man on the planet. you make my world complete, i dont know what i would do without you, love you xoxo

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