Whatcha Doin?

This post was actually written last night & it helps to hit the publish button when done! :)

Day 4 of not having to go to work … I am sick but thankfully don’t have to worry about taking or saving up sick time anymore, I can just stay home now. So today I decided to tackle painting our bedroom. It’s been on my to do list for months and when I say months, I mean we moved in 25ish months ago so it was about time it got done. It’s not quite finished yet, but by this weekend it will be. We have company coming in a week so I want to make sure I have all of my projects done by then so we don’t have tornado pinterest in the house while they are here :)

Today has been a sassy day .. especially for Hailey! I put Gnomeo & Juliet on for the millionth time today & everyone was quietly watching it for a little while then with my back turned up on one of the dining room chairs with a roller full of paint I hear little feet coming down the hallway. All of the sudden I hear “whatcha doin?” in the same way & only way that Isabella from Phineas & Ferb says it. My response as Adam is taking a drink “making babies” …. Not only did he spit water out and look at me with a WHAT ARE YOU SAYING kind of look but I think he was not prepared for what she might say or what questions she might ask next! Well this is how our conversation went … “What kind of babies are you making?” … “Ones that aren’t sassy & cranky” … “Oh! Well good luck with that Momma!”. She then took her hand off her hips, walked back down the hall & went back to watching Gnomeo & Juliet. See Adam, no need to worry!

Got some good news today, we have Aiden’s IEP meeting next week & then he will go for observation & get to know me days at school insert crying now, I am not ready for all of my babies to be in school yet but he starts in about a month! I am not sure I am going to know what to do with myself having time to myself, hours everyday when I won’t have a single kidlet with me. The possibilities are endless of the things I can do. GASP! I can go grocery shopping alone & won’t need to hire a babysitter to do it. Now that I could get used to!


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