Lets Get Reacquainted & Catch Up

You may have noticed that the blog site has changed. I will save you the long, negative, dramatic & always boring reasons and just say that it needed to be done & this situation should be resolved now. As far as I know, everything is still the same just transferred the blog to a new site. So thank you for stopping by the new site! Let’s catch up on life since the switch!

The past nine days of unemployment have been nothing short of amazing, relaxing, calm and almost completely stress free! I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have time to just sit and drink a cup of coffee & read a book because I feel like it! I also can’t help but love that there is no more unneeded drama & I don’t have to deal with caddy attitudes anymore. I traded in the crap for precious moments with my babies & I haven’t looked back.Yesterday was my first day of being 27 &  it was wonderful :) Thank you to all of you for your fabulous facebook posts, cards, tweets & texts! I am truly blessed to have an amazing family & friends that I would not trade for anything! I am excited for birthday week to continue this week. My baby girl will be 4 & Adam’s rents & sister are coming out for a visit! I am so beyond excited to have a family filled weekend! One awesome thing about being married to Adam is that in addition to awesome in laws I also got an awesome sister & now a nephew :) and I can’t wait to spend the weekend spoiling & snuggling w. Dylan & hanging out with Sarah & the rents! 

I would love to stay & chat, but I just started reading the hunger games I know I can’t believe it either but it’s a lot better then I thought it would be & I have in to all of the hype I keep hearing about it. Have a fabulous Tuesday!


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