Memories & Milestones

It has been an amazing fews days! We got to spend more time then planned with the family not glad that they didn’t have power all week back in the mitten, but I was so happy that we got to see them a whole day earlier then planned! We had a blast!

Aunt Sarah & Hailey!

Thursday, Sarah my awesome & fabulous sister in law went out for some girl time while she was in town! We got pedicures & our piggies look so pretty now.

my spring colored toes! these piggies look so much prettier after a relaxing pedicure!

Then we went & grabbed some dinner before doing some shopping!  You can’t have girl time without some shopping! :) It was a super fun time & it was so nice to spend time with Sarah!

It was so much fun too to spend time with Adam’s parents! They have been out here a few times, but the last time they were out, unfortunately Adam’s dad got really sick so their trip got cut short & they went home. This time due to the power being out all week they came out earlier & so we got to spend more time with them, Sarah & baby! Oh yes, forgot to mention our adorable, sweet, precious nephew was here for a visit as well. We just love being Uncle Adam & Auntie Rachel!

Love this sweet little boy! He is the best!

Friday was a very exciting day in our house! Not only was it Hailey’s 4th birthday, but it was also Aiden’s first day of school. He was suppose to start earlier in the week, but due to being sick he wasn’t able to. I will admit I did feel like crying, but I didn’t! :) Grandma, Aunt Sarah, baby, Aiden & I loaded up in Grandma’s truck and off to school we went.

How awesome is this?! It was my birthday present from the fam! :) Love them!

It was so cool that Aunt Sarah & Grandma got to go with him and be there for his first day of school. I wish I had a picture of him in front of his hook and cubby complete with his yellow school bus name tag but he was so excited to get in we didn’t have a chance to grab a picture.

He LOVES his class though, in fact he cried when he saw Adam because he was there to pick him up. He loves school so much, he didn’t want to leave! Aiden is in a classroom with about 9 other kidlets who also have special needs & they have physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and a few other therapist who are there and work with the kids daily. They even have gym twice a week & their gym program is specially designed around the kids & their needs. It’s so awesome!

Our kids are so lucky to have such an awesome Auntie Sarah!

When we first got to the classroom & walked in everyone noticed that there was someone new and they all rushed over to say hi, welcome Aiden, a couple even tried to hug him & of course see who were were & meet baby. They were such sweet kids. I could not have felt more comfortable leaving him. He was so comfortable in fact that he just ran off, no hug, no kiss, no crying thankfully just pure excitement & curiosity about all of the awesome things waiting for him!

These were the awesome cupcakes that Sarah, Mom & I picked out for Hailey's birthday dessert! They were so delicious!

The first thing he picked up was a magnifying glass and was looking at different rocks and gems that had been cut open. It was amazing to see how they worked with him on using all of his senses to look at & examine the rock. I love that he is in an environment where they work so hard to work with each child and cater to their needs and help them grow in so many ways other then just speech, physical therapy, etc. It’s all around an awesome program and school and I am excited to see the progress he is going to make!

Hanging out w. Uncle Adam!

We got the final report from Aiden speech & OT therapist in the mail today. He has made so much progress since he started with them back in May of last year. He has made so much improvement in OT that he went from probably/definite in 4 out of 5 areas to 3 out of 5 areas. It may not sound like a huge accomplishment to some, but to know that the work we are doing with him is helping feels so amazing! To know that what we are doing is making a difference makes it much easier to get through the days when I want to pull out my hair in frustration. I can only imagine how much more his skills, speech & sensory sensitivities are going to improve from being in his new class.

The birthday girl & Grandpa!

We have some big things coming up in the next couple of weeks! We have Aiden’s teacher coming over this week to do some work with Aiden also know as more tests and evaluations to have every statistic and score to compare with where he is at when he goes to kindergarten. We also have his IEP meeting next week & also next week it will be his last speech therapy & OT appointment Katie & Renee. I am not sure Aiden is ready to not have them coming to the house anymore. I know I am going to miss them! They have been a weekly part of our lives for the past year! Just thinking back & talking with them about where Aiden was when he started with them shows me how far we have come in a year. It was almost a year ago that we first were told that Aiden had autism. My how our world & lives have changed since then. Countless hours of testing, in doctors offices, most testing & evaluating … but Aiden is saying multiple word sentences now ON HIS OWN! If that doesn’t make it all worth it then I don’t know what does. I am so proud of him!


One thought on “Memories & Milestones

  1. I’m so so glad his first day went well, and that he is making such strides in learning. I’m so proud, not just of him, but of the rest of you guys as well! Can’t wait to hear more about this journey!

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