Super Proud Momma!

These past few days have been just what I needed. The sun has been shinning, the temperatures are in the high 60’s & today in the 70’s so much better then snow storms and blizzards! The babies and I played outside yesterday before nap before we went out I told them we were going to take naps when we came in, thinking if I prepared them before we went out that I would still have a fight but they would know what to expect. Well I could not have been more wrong! They came in, we got drink of coconut water and to their room they went & crawled right into bed. It was amazing & I was so thankful!

They took wonderful naps & then when they woke up we went back outside since Adam was home. We played for a little while they we had a dinner and ice cream date with Adam :) the girls like to say that they have a date with Daddy, because “when we have a date he comes home from work on time not stuck working on a project”.

Ready for this … they were fabulous all thru dinner. No arguments, no whining, NOTHING! I was amazed and so thankful to eat my food while it was hot & to not have to keep breaking up little fights. After dinner and ice cream we came home and I thought, it was still out & nice so lets go for a family walk.

We took the babies’ bikes out and grabbed Lilly and we were off. It was fun, half way thru our walk Hailey ended up walking and Adam was carrying her bike she was having trouble keeping up because she was too distracted by the other dogs, people, etc we were walking/riding by. So she and I walked Lilly while Daddy with Hailey’s bike in hand & Kaitlin walked & Aiden peddeled the whole way home. By the time we got home they were all so pooped! Adam & I were thrilled, we thought YES! this means we get to bed soon too! So we threw the babies in the bath for a second time, since by this time they went from clean and freshly bathed to covered in blueberry scented bubbles, sidewalk chalk dust and a couple of handprints & a couple of minor scrapes. They slept well. Adam & I slept well. Life was fabulous!

This morning we had three lunch boxes to pack, three backpacks to get ready & remember, three kidlets to get dressed before 8am and one daddy who had to get to work! Whew, busy morning! Kait got off to school in capris & flip flops, so loving this weather!, then Hailey was off with Daddy to preschool for Adam headed to work, leaving Aiden and I to get ready before he had to be at school and I had to meet Nana for breakfast! All in all it was a good morning! Minor meltdowns and crying! Any morning with that much going on that doesn’t end in everyone crying is a success in my book!

We got some pretty awesome, exciting, made me cry I was so proud news this morning when we brought Aiden to school. On monday his teacher came over to do some additional testing with him to be able to score and review before his IEP meeting next week. I will cherish these words even more every time someone calls him a word that I won’t even mention or tells me “kids with autism never make progress” … “In my 18 years of teaching in this classroom, I have never seen a child with autism do so well and improve so much in such a small amount of time. You and Adam truly impress me with all of the time, work and advocating you have done for Aiden”. He is in the 98th percentile cognitively in 9 out of 10 areas. In all but one he is above average. The one that he is not in, he is only a couple of points away from being in above average.

It is moments like the one this morning that make me feel like every moment playing his matching game, doing his picture flashcards with words and using every day and opportunity to work with him is paying off. Every argument with the insurance company to cover his speech and OT, every doctors appointment, every MRI and every other procedure that poor little boy has been thru WAS worth it.

We have never doubted for a moment that he would be the best Aiden he could be. He is precious and to us perfect. I am so proud of him for showing the world that once again he is not going to let anything get him down or in his way. He is a fighter. Adam and I say all of the time, one day Aiden is going to change the world. He has already forever changed ours.

I have to say too, I LOVE his teachers & the therapists that he will be working with while he is at school. When he walks into his classroom he lights up. The kids all support each other  & accept each other. That is one thing I love most about his class, they are all there to learn & to be the best they can be. No one is making fun of them for not being “normal” they are just a group of kidlets learning in a different way. It makes me so incredibly happy that he loves it there. He doesn’t want to leave, because he is having too much fun. I don’t have anxiety about his food allergies or what could or might happen. I know that his teachers are the next best thing to Adam and I being there that takes a lot. I don’t more like can’t just trust anyone with Aiden.

I hope this is an inspiration to any parent who may just be starting out on this journey of autism. When we first found out, I felt lost, confused, oh man I don’t think I can even remember every emotion I felt those first couple of months. It’s ok to feel everyone of them. Autism will forever change your life & how you look at the world. It did for us. It also made it so much easier for us to help Aiden. We knew that it wasn’t just that he was throwing a temper tantrum, but something to him was wrong. Maybe the music in the car was too loud, the sun was too bright, he didn’t like the way the inside of his pants felt on his legs, he was hungry, he needed a drink, he couldn’t get his body to stop ticking … this list could go on and on and on. Some days are harder then others, but it gets better.

This one little boy has taught me more about life, strength, love and compassion in his almost three years then most people learn in a lifetime. His teachers commented today that they love how loving, accepting & caring Aiden is. Kiddos with autism may be “different” but that is one of the best things about Aiden. He isn’t like everyone else, he see the world thru the eyes of a little boy who sees people for who they are not what they don’t have or can’t do. Autism, is part of my child, it’s not everything he is. My child is so much more than a diagnosis.

Albert Einstein. Thomas Jefferson. Michelangelo. Mozart. Andy Warhol.

Do you know what all of the above people have in common? They are all believed to have been on the Autism Spectrum. When you google any one of those people I don’t see anyone calling them a retard, disabled or saying they never amounted to anything. I see five individuals who all made a huge impact on this world. Having autism is not a death sentence. To us, it was a way for us to know how to help our son. It is one more piece of the complex puzzle called Aiden.

I love Temple Grandin, but I love this quote from her.  “What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool? ….. You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.”


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