The babies had a dentist appointments this morning. Normally Hailey is the only one who goes back by herself & gets to watch tv while she gets her teeth cleaned, but not today! She went back with one of the hygienist and Aiden and I went into the room where we wait for our hygienist to come in. He did so well! The last time we were in they said to work on him letting us his teeth & brush with him so he didn’t develop oral defensiveness it’s common in little ones with autism but he did so well! Not one problem! He let her count his teeth, brush them & because he did so well she thought we should try taking him back to the “big kid chairs”. He loved it! They had headphones and a tv above him so he didn’t even notice the normally loud to him sounds! It was awesome! I think it also helped that Hailey was in the chair right next to him. When they go back in September, they will all go back together! Oy. My babies are all growing up so fast!

Such a big boy!

After the dentist we went to Target to pick up a few things & since this momma forgot to pack Aiden safe snacks we stopped at the cafe & of course they didn’t have corn syrup free fruit snacks, I figured this would be the perfect time to let him have a little corn. I know what you are thinking … why on earth would you give him something with corn on purpose! I can’t believe it either, but the allergist wants us to try reintroducing corn to see how he does. At first my response was “are you serious?!” but I figured he may be right, the only way we are going to know how he is doing, how his body reacts to it and how it is currently effecting his behavior, speech, sensory processing & how much effect this is going to have on his muscle ticks. So we will see. For his sake & my sanity I hope it goes better then I am expecting. Either way it will be a good check in, but I am not looking forward to detoxing him from corn again!

While we were in target Aiden looked at me with those precious dimples, big smile & using not only his words but also signing he said “more popcorn please”. I melted like a popcicle on a hot summer day! I gave in and told him yes, but only a little bit. Talk about really trying out this theory of the allergist. There was a part of me that felt bad though, because popcorn was one of his favorite things and when we have movie night now he has chips & always looks at our bowls of popcorn with sad eyes. I thought Adam was going to freak out  when I told him I let Aiden have popcorn. So far fingers crossed he is doing ok. This is day 5 of testing the corn.

After target we got to meet up with Adam for a picnic :) I am loving all of the moments, memories and time I have had since being back home with the babies full time! There is no way I would even think about tackling reintroducing corn when I would have to be gone so much. I also wouldn’t not be able to play outside with them everyday in this beautiful sunshine. The plan is that when the babies wake up from nap we are going to play outside & they can’t wait to eat dinner so we can go for another family walk! I love that they want to and enjoy going for a walk. Their parents love how tired they are at bedtime from all of this play time & walking! No more 4am wake up’s! They are “sleeping” in until 6:30 and Hailey has been waking up at gasp 8am! Love it!


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