Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?

Aiden had his last day of school [observation and testing] before his birthday today. He did fabulous as always. It has gotten easier and easier with each day that he is there. The first day when Adam went to pick him up, the second he saw Adam he sobbed. He has always had a very hard time transitioning so these past few times when it came time to pick him up I was prepared for the worst. I figured a meltdown would start, but of all of the places it could happen this would be one where I wouldn’t get looked at like a “bad parent” because my child is screaming and not wanting to leave. On the bright side though, at least he loves school so much that he didn’t want to leave! Well once we got over the sadness of leaving the first day, since then he has been doing FABULOUS. No crying, just a happy boy who excitedly runs and jumps into my arms! He was so happy this afternoon. I loved it.

This morning when I dropped him off it was adorable. We walked in his classroom and everyone ran over to the door and all of them were hugging him and saying “Aiden! You are back!” There was one little girl who noticed that not only was he back but he had new shoes! :) She really likes Aiden. It was especially cute when Ms. Deb said “Aiden we waited to do circle time until you were here” and he replied with “Thank You!” and a big smile across his face.

Every fear that I had about him going to school has gone out the window! I love the kiddos in his class they are all so stinking adorable! and I love his teachers … but more then all of that I love all of the progress that he is making. He is learning/working on his sounds and speech. He is playing WITH other kiddos. That right there makes me cry, because until recently the most we would be able to get him to do is to play next to someone but not engage with another child & sometimes not even us. So to know that he is playing with other kids is a huge accomplishment. Especially since he has only gone 3 times!

Today Aiden brought home his first art project that I will forever treasure! Sorry in advance for all of the pictures but it was too awesome & I am way too proud of him to not post every page! This book happens to be one of his favorites and we read it regularly, so to make this book is even cooler. Also Aiden loves texture books & so for him to make Brown Bear into a texture book is so awesome & he did all of the work himself! I am one proud momma!


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