Here We Go … Again

Aiden had a doctors appointment today surprising right! Well I had to make an appointment with his primary doctor because to be perfectly honest I was sick of sitting, waiting & wasting time in the walk in clinic. Also I love our primary doctor so she is always my first choice if I have one. It was to check on Aiden’s ears and to make sure he was doing better. Well drum roll please … He has another ear infection. Surprised, not really. Annoyed, yes! UGH! I am so beyond sick of ear infections, asthma, strep throat, allergies & sinuses! Yesterdays trip to the pharmacy would have cost us $677 without insurance! That is WAY TOO MUCH money for ONE trip to the pharmacy! Thankfully we only had to pay $14.60. Oy. My prescriptions bag should not ever be bigger then my shopping bag from Target. Yesterday it was. Not cool.

So the albuterol every 4 hours continues and now we are adding oral steroids to the equation too in addition to the ones he does already with the nebulizer. I am ready for Adam and I to get some sleep. These dark circles & bags that have taken up residence under my eyes are not attractive. Aiden takes so many meds as it is the kid is only almost 3 and takes 5 daily but then you add in antibiotics and more allergy meds then the three he is already taking it starts to feel like we are walking pharmacy!

This has been such a hard year for the babies in terms of sickness. I am ready for all of these germs to go away, but with spring and summer come everything that makes his allergies and asthma worse. Environmentally outside and the heat! We might be the only people around here right now who turned their condenser unit or heat exchanger as my husband [the engineer] calls it on so we could turn the AC. I know it has only been mid 70’s but due to his allergies we can’t have the windows open all that much and especially because of the heat.

Maybe on of these days we will all be healthy & able to sleep through the night! A tired momma can hope!


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