Week Of Big Moments

Wow, it has been a long time since I last posted! This week has been spring break, so having all of the kids home from school all week, thrown in with lots of doctors appointments, swimming lessons & beautiful weather that unfortunately came with a week of high pollen alerts aka Aiden shouldn’t be outside, so that for loads of “fun”. Over all though it has been a good week! It was nice to be able to spend time with them all together and not just at the dinner table!

Aiden had a doctors appointment with yet another new doctor this time it was for his ears and to discuss putting tubes in. Within the first 90 seconds of him looking in Aiden’s ears and reviewing his chart it was decided that he is going to get tubes. Finally, we may get a handle on these chronic ear infections! While we were there they also did another hearing test, only this one was much more sophisticated. To be honest the moment he said “Aiden, we are going to put these in your ears” I started preparing for the worst. I knew it could go a couple of ways … either it wouldn’t bother him or he would have a meltdown and then finishing this 45 minute test would be a blast. Thankfully, he did amazing!! He let him put all of these gadgets on him, in his ears & had him repeating his words to hear if/how he was hearing them. Aiden did an awesome job & we had a second conformation that his hearing is great. The sad thing is, the reason we needed to do another hearing test in two months is because apparently our insurance company would fight paying for his surgery if it was not ruled out that it wasn’t a hearing issue. Last time I checked you don’t develop 7+ ear infections in 5 months because he has a hearing issue. Then again I was not surprised that they would fight paying for something, but that is a whole other blog post!

Aiden had some big moments this week & I am all about celebrating those moments when they come! We have been working on using multiple signs to communicate & the other day he signed “more water please” THREE signs together all on his own!!! We are also working on learning some new signs and we are working on learning family signs/names. He now can sign “Uncle Jon”, “Aunt Sarah”, “Cousin Baby Dylan” another three signs together, “Grandma & Grandpa” he has known those for a while but is now consistently using them. He can also now tell us how is feeling! He can sign “grumpy”, “silly”, & “happy”. I feel like we are making a lot of progress with the signs & it’s amazing how much the decrease the frustration in communication.

As of this week we have been continuing to play “what effect does this have on your body” game. We have also had some effects of reintroducing corn to see how his body reacts to it. I am still not a fan BUT there is some positive and negative to this whole thing. Aiden has has increased meltdowns but his speech has not regressed like it did before. Granted he is not on a corn free for all & he is not even getting it everyday, but that is good sign. I am done playing, lets see how your body reacts to this and we are currently detoxing him again, and oh how much fun that has been. It will be interesting to see what his allergist says when we see him in a couple of weeks. That should be a fun appointment!

Next week is a big week in our house. Aiden will start school & will start riding the bus. I can’t believe he is my last baby & he is already riding the bus! Oy, I am sure the tears will come before next week! :)

Fellow parents who have already been thru all of this I need some advice …. Intensive Autism Therapy aka ABA. Did you find it helpful? Is it worth it? Any tips for interviewing all of these therapists? Can you tell we are yet again in more unfamiliar territory. It’s time to start making those decisions. We found out that our insurance does cover ABA/IAT. Yes I did laugh when the social worker told me that we have one of the few private insurance companies that cover it. I will be honest though, the thought of having multiple people in my house 40 hours a week in addition to him being in school gives me serious anxiety. I don’t know how well he is going to handle school four days a week, let alone a team of people being in our home 40 hours a week after that. Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful we have this opportunity & think it will really help but also that is a lot.

I just read an article from Family Circle that was in April’s issue thank you Aunt Vickie for sending the link to us. I thought it really gave some insight to ABA/IAT, but I also wanted to hear from some other parents who have gone down this road. Please share the good, the bad & even the unnerving. Any light you can shed on this subject is so appreciated!


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