First Day Of School

We knew this day was coming & we were so excited for it, but even as excited as we were today was a bittersweet day for me. My last baby got on the school bus today and went to school all on his own. I was doing good & not crying until Aiden got on the bus and said “good morning” to his bus driver & “bye momma” as he was getting on the bus. He even waved as they drove off.

I had to go up to school to drop off his snack box, school supplies and some other things. I saw him when walking in and talked to his teacher, but he didn’t see me. I would of loved to squeeze him but I didn’t want to interrupt what will be his normal routine. His teacher told me he did fabulous! He got anxious while we was on the bus and started to quietly sing to himself. So proud of my little man for self regulating & it’s an indescribable feeling that he knew he was getting anxious and used singing to calm down. He quietly started singing “sunshine” aka “you are my sunshine” and he knows and can sing almost every word (proud momma moment!) but recently we have been working on learning new songs and so on the bus he started singing “the wheels on the bus”. His teacher told me that soon after he started singing that all of the other kids, the aide and the bus driver joined in singing.

His teacher called mid morning to update us on how he is doing & he was doing fabulous! Having a great time. Was participating and playing with other kiddos. It may have only been about seven minutes but those seven minutes are an amazing step! We have been working so hard to not just play next to someone but to engage and play with them. To interact with others & he did that.

I can’t say that there is not a part of me that is worried that this progress could all go the other way & we have to start over at square one again. It could happen, but for the first time in a very long time I am able to focus on what we are doing right, right now. If we take steps backwards then we will handle it the same way we did before.

This week he will having a birthday party in his class! Together we are making brownies for him to take as his special treat for his new friends. I never thought that talking about making brownies could make me cry, but this time it is. Aiden called other kiddos his “friends”. I think I took this for granted with the girls that they made friends so easily, they always wanted to play with other kids. Also it makes me so incredibly happy to know that there are twelve other people who think he is awesomesauce. He has friends who understand him, who accept him for who he is & without judgement.


9 thoughts on “First Day Of School

  1. Hey you guys! Every now and I can I cruise over here and read your posts, and they are so inspiring! What you’ve been able to accomplish is amazing, and Aiden sounds like such a wonderful, strong, smart, special little guy. You have a lot to be proud of, both in Aiden and yourselves. Good luck – here’s hoping it keeps getting awesomer!

  2. I am so proud, of Aiden and of Rachel and Adam. What a fabulous experience for Aiden’s first day! Let this be the first of many days ahead in which Aiden learns, and grows and engages in his environment in his own way. I, for one, pledge to stand behind him, walk along side him, and cheer for him each step along the way.

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