I Want My Privacy!

The picture says it all & I could go one for forever about all of the reasons and ways that motherhood is not for sissies!

You know those precious moments that parents took for granted before the became parents. The little luxuries like going to the bathroom with the door closed & knowing that no one would come barging in at any moment when they needed to brush their teeth at that exact moment and no they couldn’t wait for you to be done. When you could take an uninterrupted shower without having to jump out to play referee. When I could go to the laundry room to do laundry and not have to wonder more like worry why it has suddenly quiet and what phineas and ferb like scheme is going on upstairs!

I decided to take Hailey out this morning some quality time, just her and I. Well today was one of those days where it was going to be a battle of the wills. I have a new understand of the saying that your kids will be ten times what you were. Oy. I must have had a really sassy, button pushing attitude when I was four because today was a day I hope doesn’t repeat & if it does then let’s hope that it is on a day when I don’t have errands to run. For the most part she was a typical four year old … Lots of questions. Lots of observations you know the LOUD ones that you really wish they would use their super quiet voice to tell you but they don’t. When you say “please hold my hand” & they don’t. When they decide to play hide and seek in the parking lot.

As we pulled in the driveway I thought, we are home now so maybe things will go smoothly. We will eat some lunch & then a much needed nap. . .nope. She was overly tired, overly emotional and very sassy! Everything from getting her to eat her carrots to going potty before nap was a challenge. Don’t get me wrong her sassiness is one of the things that I love about her, but if this is a preview of what the teenage years are going to be like then heaven help us!

Adam went in to make sure she wasn’t playing … Our water bill was very high this quarter. We didn’t know what could be responsible for the spike until we found out about the water works fun that two toddlers were having before or after going to the bathroom. Just after he walked in this is the conversation that I heard coming from the bathroom.

Hailey: Dad! What are you doing in here?

Adam: Hailey, I am just checking on you. Please go potty so that we can get you into bed so you can take a nap.

Hailey: Dad! Out! I want my privacy! [insert lots of Dad! mixed in with a temper tantrum]

The situation ended with her going to the bathroom & eventually getting into bed to take a much needed nap! Phew! Thankfully they both just woke up after taking a long rest. I am hoping that tonight goes much easier then this morning did!

Maybe getting them outside, running around, taking a walk up to the dog park & then ending the night with a bath will get the crankies out!


4 thoughts on “I Want My Privacy!

  1. My little girl is about to turn 2 next month and OMG she is so fierce and determined! I kinda like that she is sassy too but not when its directed at me. You are right…motherhood is not for sissies:) Hang in there:)

    • Completely agree! I can only imagine what 13 and beyond is going to be like. We are definitely in a phase of .. how many buttons can I push today. :) Got to love em! Hang in there!

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