Making Time For Me

When I started blogging I knew that everything shared would not always be sunshine & roses. Our daily lives, even if it didn’t include autism are not sunshine and roses. Adam & I aren’t perfect, our kids aren’t always angels despite how adorable they can be & at the end of the day it wouldn’t be normal to have all good days, no meltdowns in public & always have time to myself to take care of me.

Kids .. they can sure suck the energy out of you & it always seems to be on the days when you need them to help by not antagonizing each other at every possible moment. I was an only child, so I never had anyone else riding in the back seat with me, no one to argue with over who had the purple marker first, no one to argue with about weather the disney channel or nick jr. was going to be on the tv. It has it’s pro’s and con’s.

I try to be one of those parents who will let them work it out themselves and not get in the middle until it’s getting serious. After all learning to stand up for yourself and deal with people who may be acting irrational, overly emotional or just plain cRaZy is not something that is going to go away once you grow up, think you know everything & go off to college before entering the real world.

There are just some days when I have had enough of the antagonizing, enough of the whining, enough of the pouting & I just want a moment of peace and quiet. Most of me feels really bad for taking that time because the entire time I am wondering how they are doing, if they are behaving, if they need anything, etc. It’s hard for me to turn all of that worry & anxiety off when I am away from them. I need to though, they are fine because if they weren’t then I wouldn’t of left them.

Adam & I have been trying to take time each week to spend time just the two of us. We now have a set day that we know every week the kids will spend time with Nana and we will do something just Adam & I. It still takes some getting used to going to a restaurant and not having to order mac & cheese or ask for a kids menu. I have been trying to find things that will be more exciting to then going to dinner where we always end up talking about the kids, work & everything else going on our busy lives. If you are like us & live super crazy busy lives but still want fun date night ideas … check out this website “The Dating Divas“. We have found some awesome ideas on here. 

The past couple of weeks, we have  been going to dinner and then spending some time at the Y. It has been nice to spend time alone with Adam, get in time at the gym & hit the pool. It has also been so nice to have a few moments of peace and quiet alone in the sauna. I may not always been in there a long time but those few moments of no one needing me, no one pulling on my leg, screaming for me to come intervene, no one needing me to sign their school papers, not having to constantly be on the defense of my little boy who can’t help that you kid in your cart is screaming & acting obnoxious and it’s unbearably loud to my son & his only way of expressing that is to scream “stop” louder then your child’s screaming. Just peace … and quiet.

There are two days in the week where all of the kids are in school at the same time. The first week I could not believe how quiet it was in our house & almost wasn’t sure what to do. I have now found the perfect way to spend those few hours on those days. Some much needed me time. I have spent more time in the gym and the pool in the past few weeks then I think I have in the past few months. I always had a “reason” why I didn’t have time or couldn’t go. Meanwhile the things that I wanted to change weren’t changing. I want to go back home this summer smaller then I was when I was home last summer. I want to reach my goal weight & most of all I want to run a half marathon this fall. None of these things are going to happen if I don’t start making time to be in the gym training and working out.

Of course I feel a little guilty that I am worrying about me and what I need even with everything going on in our lives right now. If I let everything that could go wrong stand in my way or only focused on everyone else all of the time I think I might explode & well that wouldn’t be good. I can’t help anyone if I can’t even help myself right?

The amount of anxiety and stress I have been able to relive working out more regularly is amazing. I feel like I can catch a breath and not constantly be on the verge of a panic attack or a meltdown myself. That is worth a million.

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2 thoughts on “Making Time For Me

  1. I am took “Triple P Parenting ~ Stepping Stones” course you learn strategies to deal with the challenges of raising a special needs child..heck any child. One of the concepts the program emphasized was taking care of yourself first so that you can be a good parent for you kids. I still working towards finding some “me” time and finding some “us” time. We feel like we are on the treadmill too and need to learn jump off and do it knowing its okay to do so. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Glad to know I am not alone in feeling like I can’t jump off :) That sounds like an awesome course! There are days when I feel like I need Super Nanny on speed dial! Thankfully today for the most part was not one of those days. I completely agree, I think that before I can help anyone else I need to help me. Hope you get some me & us time!

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