Hi Ho, Hi Ho … Off To The Allergist We Go!

Today we had to take both of the babies to the allergist. This was Hailey’s first appointment and for Aiden it was a check up to see how he is doing with his allergies and his asthma.

I was so proud of how they both did considering neither of them had naps. I was expecting and some what prepared for a colossal meltdown. Thankfully the toddler lock app on my phone kept one occupied while the doctor was checking in on the other one.

Aiden Update – The last time he was seen was in the end of October & his asthma was not really under control and at that time we also discussed trying to reintroduce corn into his system. We did and we are currently detoxing. I hate detoxing and I am not a fan of his increased ticks and meltdowns when he has had corn, but we know for a fact that it is making an enormous difference. What is even better then that is that our allergist has AGREED with us on that from the beginning. Having a doctor who doesn’t look at you like you are crazy & will listen to you makes all of the difference in the world!

Now that we have thing under control we are going to start weaning him off of the rescue meds and after a month knock down the steroids down from twice a day to once a day for a month and then fingers crossed we will be able to take him off of it!! YAY! Less meds that we have to give him!

Hailey Update – We made her an appointment from a recommendation from the doctor at the walk in the last time she was in and had an ear infection. They thought that her allergies were so bad that it was causing drainage to go to her ears … there for leading to chronic ear infections.

She went thru some allergy testing today too. She was such a trooper! Didn’t cry once, just sat still while they did all of those pokes! I was such a proud momma! We found out that she has extremely sensitive skin. To the point that we have to make sure that we use only clear and free detergents and things. If we use something else in the washer we have to do a load with only things her skin can handle before doing her laundry. We thought I had super sensitive skin, apparently I am not the worst one in the house!

Her allergy testing wasn’t pointless. We did find out she is developing some serious environmental allergies and for the time being she won’t be on a lot of allergy meds like her brother, but will be doing a nose spray to help not lead to ear infections. We also found out she is allergic to grass. That would be another contributing factor into why she can’t have milk. She is lactose inollerant like Adam, Kaitlin, Aiden & I are so that was never a shocker but she also can have milk because duh .. cow’s eat grass. That won’t be too hard to deal with [milk wise] since we all drink almond milk anyways BUT playing outside will now be a challenge. Looks like Aiden won’t be the only one who is enjoying the sunshine from mostly indoors and out the window. My poor kiddos! I almost need to put them in a bubble before they go outside.

All in all it was a good visit! Now I am off to the pharmacy to fill our handful of perscriptions for them!


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