For Better Or For Worse

A little more then six years ago this picture was taken. We didn't know then what the next six years would hold or where they would lead us, but we would soon be promising for better or worse, forever and always, no matter what.

The last six plus years have been filled with a lot of things. Lots of really good times, some times I hope we never go thru again, two beautiful babies, lots of sickness I think we have more then lived up to the in “sickness and in health part of our vows”, and thru it all we have stuck it out. There was no “I give up” button & even thru the worst times I couldn’t imagine myself wanting anyone other then Adam to be by my side going thru it.

When we got married, I don’t think either of us really knew that we were going to go thru a majority of the things that we have. When you say “I do” it doesn’t come with a crystal ball and fine print. It doesn’t warn you about some of the hard times to come. It doesn’t warn you that there are going to be moments where you are going to feel like you want to give up but deep down inside you know you never would. Marriage doesn’t come with a manual for life, or for how to handle the challenges that you are going to face.

Since I really respect and honor our relationship and for the most part keep a lot of things about our relationship private I won’t go into detail of the low moments in our relationship. What I can say though is that I could not imagine my everyday life, raising children, or even life in general without him. He is my best friend, the one person I can tell anything and everything too & the first person I call when I hit the panic button, need reassurance especially when there is severe weather .. right Adam! and who I know will be holding my hand, no matter what.

The good moments always out weigh the bad ones. This week has been filled with a lot of stress, sickness, craziness, Aiden’s surgery & just plain lack of sleep. The kids have not been feeling well & I am pretty sure any momma can relate that their moods are a little less then fabulous when they are sick. Add that in with their own lack of sleep, Aiden eating corn and all of the fun effects that comes with & everyday life. It makes for a super fun week, and it’s only monday. :) Today though, today is a day I feel like I can scream from the roof ok actually I can’t because for the third day in a row I have no voice but you know what I mean! Today is the culmination of a big stress in our lives & the ending of a long chapter. If you had asked me six years ago if this is where I thought we would be … I would have laughed. It has been far from easy & I wouldn’t want to do it again, but it made us stronger.

Here is to a new beginning, a new chapter & ditching the rear view mirror & never looking back!


9 thoughts on “For Better Or For Worse

  1. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Always remember we are not in charge. If you want to make God laugh; tell Him your plans. Peace & Love. You are a BLESSED strong team!

  2. Hope things have gotten better this week. Hubbies aren’t always prefect, but its something that I’m grateful for every single day. We are very lucky women to have found amazing partners that will do anything for us. <3 ya

  3. What a wonderful post!!! I have my own “Adam” – Dereck is my soulmate, my lifelong partner, my cheerleader, my class clown. It’s am amazing feeling to know you have someone to count on and someone to hold you hand through the bad time. I am so so happy you have this too. :) Love you, sweets!!

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