You Don’t Know Where My Child Is?

This morning I was not planning on having to take Hailey back to the doctor’s office. As if going in Friday morning was not enough fun, we had to go back today because her ear was still hot and red. Things were to the point that she could not even hear anymore. Well it’s a good thing we went it because her already bad ear infection is now much worse. She has a ton of fluid but now has yellow fluid behind her ear drum. No wonder she doesn’t feel good. Good to know too that yet another antibiotic didn’t work. It’s sad that now we are known at the walk in and now at the pharmacy! I didn’t plan on having to wait very long since they were called in before we even left, but of course everyone else who had left the walk in before us were there waiting in front of us.

While we were waiting in target, Aiden should have been getting off of the bus. While I was waiting in line to check out I get the following text from Adam “Who was suppose to get Aiden off of the bus”. By the time I got out of Target & called Adam, Aiden still wasn’t off the bus. Made one more stop on the way home & talked to Adam one more time. Aiden still wasn’t home & he was waiting on the bus company to call us back to tell us where our son was. Yes, you read the right. No one knew where Aiden was.

Of course every worse case scenario went thru all of our minds, but we didn’t know anything & the one place who should know something knew nothing. The bus driver never called on the radio to say they were doing anything different. She never called to say anything was wrong. She said NOTHING.

The bus company was suppose to call us back as soon as they knew anything and got ahold of the bus driver. Well they never called us back. So I had Adam call again because at this point it had been a half an hour. When he did get a hold of someone, they said they just talked to her and that one of the children on the bus had an issue and needed to get home right away. Now, I am not heartless. I understand that things come up, but there is no excuse for lack of communication. Especially when it makes every child getting dropped off at a very different time. Not to mention that everyone of those children needs routine! Also when you say that you are going to call us back and tell us where our child is as soon as you find out, then please do. Time was just dragging on. I never want to have that moment again where we don’t know where our children are.

This is not the first time I have not known and the bus company have not known where my child is. She is Kaitlin’s driver also & she randomly decides to do the route backwards as a surprise. Meaning that Kait is the last stop rather then the first. Kaitlin told me today that she stopped doing it on their route because so many parents complained.

You would think with so many parents of kids on Kait’s bus complaining she wouldn’t knowingly not communicate with the bus company, but it was made very clear today that she doesn’t see it as a problem that we don’t know where our child was. I had to go inside when I saw the bus coming because if I didn’t I was going to loose it on the bus driver. When Adam who is way better at being calm and collected in situations like this said to her that it really has us worried not knowing where Aiden was she … laughed it off & said “we didn’t want him to leave, he wanted to stay with us”.

I am waiting a little while before calling the bus company, other wise the little bit of voice I have right now will be useless after that phone call. Thankfully our little man is safe, sound and currently napping. Thankfully. This is not how I planned my tuesday going.


9 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Where My Child Is?

  1. I get the same way and have to have my hubby handle things. I would have flipped out. I’m glad he is home safe.

  2. I had the same OMG moment 3 months ago and you just took me right back there. I feel very bad that you had to go through that numbing yet bursting feeling. I sometimes feel like bus companies treat our children like cattle. As parents we have every right to know exactly where are children are at all times and with today’s technology that is very easy. I applaud you for handling it so well and yes feel free to give the bus company hell:)

    • I am so sorry you guys had to go thru that too! It’s sad that everywhere bus companies seem to treat our children this way. Adam & I don’t treat Aiden differently then when Kaitlin rides the bus, but she can communicate with us. We gave Kaitlin a cell phone so that when things like this happen she can text us or call us so we know. He can’t call us or text us. With two people on the bus, there is no reason for her not to call the bus company. She apparently didn’t think that she needed to.

      • I keep finding that some of the people that work with my son kinda get “possessive of him” and literally think they know best. I don’t think as Mom’s we should feel like we have to wrestle for information about our children. Especially when being “non-verbal” is such a big issue. I can’t imagine going about in the world and not being able to make myself understood…and when things go wrong yikes! I’m in the middle of my own little school bus fiasco right now. My son rides 3 buses everyday and the mid-day bus he is opening up the seat belt and moving around. I expect that he would like to say “gee Mom look what I can do” but can’t and then the repetitiveness of ASD kicks into high gear. 3 days in a row now and after many calls to the Principal and the school board authorization has
        finally been given to install a safety closure clip. Houdini managed to slip out under his belt today. He’s a tall awkward boy and wearing a big coat today…something tells me that the belt was loose ’cause I really cinch it when I put him. Let the drama continue as I fight on…good luck:)

    • Nope! He wasn’t home & the first handful of times we called the bus company no one even answered & when they did they said “we don’t know where he is” because that is just what we wanted to hear! Then they said they would call us as soon as they got into contact with the driver … well they never did & then couldn’t figure out why were upset. Hopefully that will be the first and only time that happens!

  3. Just letting you know that I have nominated you for “the very inspiring blogger award.” Congratulations….*sneaks away*

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