Maybe The Third Time Is The Charm?

The end of another week & time to write another #Mamavation post! It doesn’t seem like it is time for another week to be over already! In fact, it doesn’t even seem like it should the the first of July already! This summer is flying by!

This week has been a long one filled with sickness & lots of meds but thankfully I am starting to feel better. I will be so glad when I can sleep thru the night without the help of codeine! Yesterday Adam & I both did the #Mamavation5k! I decided that nothing was going to get in my way … So it took me longer then I would have liked. Was definitely not my best time because I had to keep slowing down due to coughing, but I MADE IT!

Goals for this week: getting to the gym for a run at least 3 times this week, making it to my zumba class. I am also quitting soda cold turkey starting tomorrow since I already had soda today or I would have started today. I am trying really hard to increase my h2o intake. Hopefully my new, super cutely decorated camelback water bottle will help. I mean you can’t drink h2o out of an ugly water bottle now can we! Although my husband would probably say I could use one of the other million “cute” water bottles we already had :)

I am also excited for the two week challenge starting tomorrow! Whoo hoo!


As you can probably already guess, I am applying for #Mamavation Mom this campaign! For once I am prepared & had my video done fingers crossed, no technical issues this time before the start date to applications being accepted! Maybe the third time is the charm? We shall see!

Could you do me a favor?! Can you please help me become one of the next #Mamavation Moms? Tweet this message to Leah (aka @Bookieboo – creator of #Mamavation) “Hey @Bookieboo! I want @rachhabs to be the next #Mamavation Mom! She has my support!”. I would appreciate every tweet you could send out. If you don’t have twitter, you can show your support for me by going to the Mamavation Facebook Page & telling Leah why you think I would be a good Mamavation Mom.

This post is sponsored by Birds Eye and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway


21 thoughts on “Maybe The Third Time Is The Charm?

    • Thanks Shawn Ann! :) It was not ideal for running a 5k but I couldn’t have been more proud of myself once I was done!

      Thanks for the support! It really means a lot to me!! :)

    • All that matters is that we finished! It’s a starting point, everyone has to start somewhere. Now we can only improve our times from here! :)

      Thanks for the support! I really appreciate it! Means a lot! :)

    • Thanks! :) What doesn’t kill me, will make me stronger lol. Hopefully I crush this 5k’s time when I do my next one & hopefully won’t be sick!

      Thanks for the tweets of support! Means a lot to me!! :)

  1. The Third Time was the charm for me, maybe it will be for you as well :) You know I love you and you are doing awesome in all things!!!!!!!

  2. Good luck with the campaign. I am rooting for ya! Also, glad you are getting better. Last week had to be stressful… quarantine?

    • Thanks Kia! I really appreciate it! Means a lot to me! :)

      Isolation with three kids … yes it was an experience. One I hope to not ever have to do again :) It was worse then being pregnant on bed rest lol. Starting to feel better, hopefully this cough goes away soon. Apparently even though I am “healthy” now it can still last up to 100 days. Fingers crossed it doesn’t!

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