Will You Please Support Me?

As many of you know I have applied to be a Mamavation Mom in the past, but this time the third time it’s going to be different. I think attitude makes 90% of everything. This time I am approaching this campaign & my workouts in a whole new way.

One change is that this time I am not going to be doing a giveaway. I want to win because those who are voting think that I would be an asset to the Mamavation community as a Mamavation mom. I want to be chosen because you think that I can help to inspire others in their journeys & my change my lifestyle & my family’s. I don’t want to win because I am offering a gift card or something fun & awesome. I wouldn’t feel like I did it on my own & I need to do this on my own. Maybe the third time is the charm? Maybe it’s not. Either way I will be ok with the outcome of this campaign. No matter what the outcome is, this is just the start of a whole new me.

I don’t think I have to be a Mamavation Mom to change my lifestyle, to get healthy or to inspire others around me. I think my platform will be bigger, but anyone and everyone can encourage & support others on their journey. Don’t let anything get in your way or discourage you from reaching your goals.

I learned a lot from my 7 weeks doing the Move It Loose It Challenge. I learned that not only could I do it, but I could do it on my own. I DID do it on my own! If I could do it then, there is no reason that I couldn’t do it again. I am ready to take on whatever comes my way. Win or loose, this will be the start of a whole new me.

I think that everything I have learned since first applying for Mamavation mom has helped me to be in a better frame of mind for applying & possibly becoming one this time. I think I will really benefit from the structure of being a Mamavation mom. Being able to learn how to best meal plan and more importantly learning what to meal plan will be a huge tool. That will not only benefit me but also my family.

If you think I would be a great Mamavation Mom would you please consider supporting me? You can do this in a couple of different ways.

Watching & Sharing My Video: If you haven’t already seen my posted video for this application, you may want to stop over & see why I want to become a Mamavation mom. I did it a little different this time. Since you have heard me talk the last two, I gave you a different look into my life this time. 

Tweeting: Show Leah (the creator of Mamavation) that you support me by tweeting this message “Hey @Bookieboo! I want @rachhabs to be the next #Mamavation Mom! She has my support! bit.ly/aorv3Y” Feel free to tweet this often, show Leah I have lots of support & people in my corner cheering me on! 

Facebook: Not on twitter … Not a problem! Go to the Mamavation facebook page & tell Leah why you think I would make a great Mamavation mom. 

Thank you so much for your support! It truly means so much to me!


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