Running Into A Skinnier Me

I am so sorry again for the lack of post the past couple of weeks & the fact that this post should have been up & finished yesterday. Life has been a couple of scoops of crazy mixed with some big helpings of hectic. Thankfully this past week has been mostly calm & a much needed break. If only it would last longer.

Last monday morning, I woke up to Adam getting a phone call from my mom who was in the ER. Not the call that anyone wants to get, no matter what time it is. Nothing is more frightening then hearing that the reason is chest pain & high blood pressure.

Visiting Nana in the hospital. We left from the hospital & Hailey stopped to pray & said “Jesus please don’t take my Nana to heaven today. I need her too much & so does my momma”. Nothing can prepare you for having to face this with your kids.

Then later in the week it was Aiden’s turn. We had been to the walk in earlier in the past week & we had a doctor who shouldn’t even be able to practice medicine. He didn’t listen to what was going on. He didn’t listen to me & what I was trying to tell him about Aiden. Oh and his solution was to give Aiden steroids, MORE steroids then the poor kid is already on. Normally that takes care of his cough, but I knew that he wasn’t better and that he needed to go back in. We almost had to postpone his surgery that we have waited three months for, because he was sick. Yet he needs these two surgeries to help him not be sick nearly as often. Oy. It was many sleepless nights. Making the newborn phase look like a cake walk!

Even with all of this & everything else going on everyday last week, I was able to get at least two workouts in everyday. Of course I had my morning and evening circuits from @fitmomtraining as part of my #Mamavation Mom applicant hazing workouts. I have also been in the pool everyday last week for at least an hour each time. I haven’t gotten in as many miles running this week as I would have liked but like I said it’s been crazy. I also wanted to switch things up a bit. I of course had my zumba class & this week I took Kait with me. I felt a lot better when walking out Kait said “Wow mom, that was a lot harder then I thought it was going to be! I am exhausted!”

On saturday my hazing workout from Stephanie was to do something fit & fun with my family. Adam & I took the girls to the WestonFest here while Aiden got to spend some time with Nana. We had spent the whole day out running errands & in the heat. None of them rested or had a nap. They had been up since 6am & I knew that the crowds & fireworks would not be a good situation for Aiden. It also gave us some time w. the girls, Adam & I. We did a ton of walking to the different tents & of course going to the bounce houses & games. While we were going thru the health tents, Kaitlin ended up winning an awesome water bottle for entering into a contest of having to do 30 jump rope jumps in 30 seconds … but she did them without one break in 15 seconds! The first thing she said after she was done was “Leah would be proud! The next generation is already representing Mamavation”.

Me & my baby girl!

Since applying for campaign 13 of #Mamavation Mom I have …..  lost 11 pounds already! I have continued to improve & set new personal best records for my runs! I out ran the kids running through the sprinkler last night! Oh and my jeans fall off if I wear them without a belt, so I have been ditching some inches too. I haven’t done my measurements in months so I am not sure how much they changed, but having to buy new clothes because your current ones are too big is an AWESOME problem to have!


6 thoughts on “Running Into A Skinnier Me

  1. Way to rock those 11lbs lost gf!! You are awesome and I’m loving reading about your progress! I hope that I can get busy like and get back to running. I miss it! Have you set a running goal for yourself?

  2. I am commenting on Friday and just wanting to send love to you and your beautiful family. Wishing Aiden a swift recovery and for you to keep kicking butt with your activity level.

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