Wow! It has been quite a week! I am glad it’s monday & the start of a new one because I am ok with not reliving another week like last week again for a long time. Among other things, I knew that certain frustrations/situations would only give me another reason to get longer runs in. As much as I wish I could, I can’t change certain situations or people. One thing that I can do though is, get some long runs in and forget about it. Not only did I get longer runs in this week, but I smashed my previous times and got some new personal bests. Amazing feeling.

Running not only is helping me shed the inches and pounds but has also given me some much needed clarity. It’s amazing the things you realize when you have nothing else to think about. You can just let go of everything bringing you down. This week I got 15 miles in through out entire week, not too shabby! Of course by the end of the week and it was time for my zumba class, my legs were killing me. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?  … Well then bring it on!

Speaking of workouts and runs … Last week and this week Kaitlin is in swimming lessons, so it has given me some extra time to get some unplanned workouts in. This morning while she was swimming, I did an extra zumba class. Adam & I are taking Kait to the pool tonight, for what is hopefully a big night for her. She is taking her swim test! I hope to log some miles in on the treadmill too before the weekend, but we will see how it goes.

Aiden had his surgeries on friday, so the past few days I have had only a handful of hours of sleep, watched too much Nick Jr cartoons the things you do for the ones you love & of course have been taking care of my little man. He is such a trooper. He is not even three and a half and has already been through so much. I am ready for him to be feeling better, but in the mean time I am loving the hours this weekend that we have spent snuggling! He is a momma’s boy to begin with, but even more so when he is sick or doesn’t feel good.

Just after he came out of surgery & into recovery Adam captured this moment.

Saturday, Adam & I took the girls to a baseball game, for some much need quality time with our girls. Aiden got to hang out with Nana since we couldn’t risk him getting excited & tearing his incisions. He ended up sleeping most of the time we were at the game & when he woke up he snuggled with Nana.


This next week will be pretty normal. Nothing huge planned just a ton of appointments and life to get caught up on. Only big highlight this week is that Kait will be turning 9 this weekend! I am not ready to have a fourth grader yet! :) My babies are growing up so fast!


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  1. Thank you for sharing. It is a joy to see you all having a good, but long weekend following some surgery and much needed family time. You rock!

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