Time To Pull My Big Girl Panties Up

Eventually all the pieces fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason.

This week has had some real up’s and down’s, but it also came with some big and exciting changes. Life is about to get a little crazy, but in the best possible way!

One real downer this week was Aiden’s recovery. All week he has been miserable, unable to eat or drink, spent most of the day and night crying and sometimes screaming. It was not fun for any of us, but what we thought was just a high sensitivity to pain was actually an allergic reaction. The poor kid is allergic to vicodin and we thought he was in pain so following doctors orders, we gave him more. No wonder it didn’t help! So after 8 hours and two doses of tylenol he was a completely different child! YAY! I thought he ate a lot before, but now he is a growing boy who is catching up for the past week of not eating! Thankfully he was feeling more like himself in time for his big sister’s birthday! He made up for not eating the last week.

A few months ago I wrote the post Everything Happens For A Reason and when I wrote that post I had realized that eventually things would fall into place. For the past six months I have been a stay at home momma again, and I have really enjoyed being able to be with my kiddos again. With that being said, there was a part of me that wanted to finish school too. After everything that has happened and is going on now, it was not the best time for me to go back to school. My babies needed me, and now I have somethings going on with me that need to be taken care of. I have been searching for the perfect balance and right situation. Eureka! I have found the perfect balance :) A true win win situation.

As many of you know I am applying to be one of the next #Mamavation Moms. You become one tough chick through this bootcamp, but you can’t wait until the bootcamp start to become a tough chick. You have to be working out NOW and I have been. I have been at the gym everyday at least once a day for the past three weeks. I have been spending a lot of time in the pool and it is really helping my running times & helping me shed the inches and pounds. Spending so much time in the pool and at the gym has helped more then working on getting my skinny back!

An opportunity presented itself to become a swim instructor and lifeguard, meaning I would have to get certified but no big deal. So I am taking my tests in october and november so in the mean time I am in the pool everyday, preparing for my tests. This opportunity would allow me to not miss a moment with the kids, but also work. I would make bank, doing something I love & am passionate about. Making extra money means I will be able to save up and afford to go to Fitcation13!! I would get a discount on our membership that is always a nice benefit! I would also be able to work and go to school when it’s the best time to go back. For the first time in a long time I feel like things are falling into place, and it’s an amazing feeling!

NSV This Week: Haven’t missed a day at the gym in the last month & have not missed a hazing from @fitmomtraining! Ask Adam, sometimes I am up at midnight finishing if I was gone during the day and missed the tweets, but I have always gotten them done! Better late then never!

Announcement: @Bookieboo has changed the structure of the #Mamavation Mom campaign. There is now no more public voting!! If you are interested in applying to be a #Mamavation Mom here are all the detailsYes I am applying, but I want to share this amazing experience with all of you too!! This is an awesome opportunity, please consider applying if you need a jumpstart to your weight loss! 

Sistahood: If you are interested in pledging to the Mamavation Sistahood, Monday is the time to do it. Please go here for instructions. Invitations are done on Wednesdays over twitter.

This post is sponsored and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway



31 thoughts on “Time To Pull My Big Girl Panties Up

  1. So excited that you have the opportunity to do this for you and make bank :) fitcation 13 woohoo!

    You are one bad a$$ mother.

    I’m glad your little guy is on the mend. It’s miserable to watch your kids suffer when they can’t tell you what’s wrong.

    • Thanks Megan! That means a lot to me! :) Love you! I am looking forward to cali next summer!! We should plan to room together now! Maybe you could move closer so then we could fly out to cali together!!

  2. Good luck with the mamavation mom campaign! I think it is awesome that you are a swim instructor, thats one of my fav ways to exercise!

    Funny I wrote about how I SHOULD’VE put my big girl panties on lol!

    • Haha funny :) I am not one yet, not until october but soon enough. I love swimming and it’s one of my favorite ways to workout too!

      Together we can put our big girl panties on!

  3. Congrats on the swim instructor/lifeguard gig! Also, great job with all the exercise! Woohoo! I’m glad your little boy is starting to feel better :)

  4. Girl you do your thing! I hope you are chosen as a Mamavation Mom. You certainly seem ready for it. I had thought about it but I’m not ready. I can’t make the TV shows at night at this time. I can barely get up in the morning as it is and I work late.

    “but you can’t wait until the bootcamp start to become a tough chick. You have to be working out NOW and I have been.” – I love your attitude!

    Sorry to hear about your son. I know how it is. Allergic to vicoden? wow. I love the stuff. Not for my kid…for me :-)

    • Thank you Michelle! Your support means a lot to me! :) There will come a time when it’s your time to be a Mamavation mom, and when you do you have my full support!! :)

      Allergies … The poor kid have severe food and environmental allergies. Meds was the one thing we were free from until now. Oh well, at least we know.

  5. It sounds like everything really is just falling into place for you! Good luck!!
    I’m glad your little one is doing better, how terrible to watch him suffer!
    Have tons of fun at Fitcation! So jealous!

  6. You poor little boy having a reaction for a week, that sounds horrible. Glad you all figured out what was going on! And YAY for things looking up in the world!!! Good luck with your Mamavation “campaign.”

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