Mamavation Monday

I am not passing kidney stones and that almost everything is working as it should. It only took 9 vials of blood, almost 1800 cc’s of gross contrast, two iv’s, dye during my cat scan, x-rays & a ton of other tests/exams that I am not publicly talking about on my blog to know whats going on. Bottom line … My ovaries aren’t happy campers. Good thing I am done having babies because those hormonal pains are coming out. Until then … I will be reminding myself of this picture. It feels like I am passing kidney stones, so it’s fits perfectly!

It has been a rough week! That was pretty much my tuesday in a nut shell. Not my idea of a great week. Especially since my perfect hazing record was ruined! Thanks hormonal pains in my … side. The rest of the week was mostly spent in my bed or on the couch, trying to move as little as possiable. Glad that is over! Now it’s a new week and time for a new start!

This week we will have family coming to visit from the mitten! Have tons of fun stuff planned, so hopefully the weather cooperates! Looking forward to hiking the the mountain & trails this week with them too!

Are you thinking about following the Paleo diet? Don’t know what it is? Join us tomorrow night for Paleo 101

This post is sponsored by GoVida Foods and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.


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