What a week! I think I need another weekend to catch up on everything and get ready for another week! In the mean time though I will catch you up on this week!

It started with getting to have dinner & catch up with a friend and her beautiful girls! :) Nothing is better then girl time & baby snuggles! :) I bet my other sistas got lots of girl time & baby snuggles in while they were at Fitcation this weekend. I can’t wait to be there next summer. Be ready LA!

Later in the week we had family visiting from back home (Michigan) and so we were busy doing touristy things while they were here. In the past couple of weeks we have spent a lot of time as a family, hiking. The kids have loved it, Lilly our dog has loved being up there & most of all we have spent a ton of family time together. It has been awesome!

Went to a picnic yesterday & had to take a dish to pass and a dessert. I didn’t make the healthiest dessert by any means BUT I also didn’t eat it either! I love butterfingers, but butterfinger pie would not be @Bookieboo approved lol. I did however bring a salad for our side dish. BLT salad to be exact and I even made my own dressing! A yogurt honey mustard dressing, it was amazing!

This week …. I am REALLY trying to be more organized. Adam has a crazy busy week with a lot of stuff/projects going on at work so I have menu planned the whole week. So I went grocery shopping saturday, and am all set for the week! The kids and I are going to be spending lots of time hiking and at the gym/pool. I plan on getting in at least one run/cardio workout in each day and also being in the pool for at least 90 minutes each day. Not to mention some of the new workouts I pinned on pinterest per Stephanie’s hazing assignment to pin workouts!

NSV/Weight loss: As most of you saw in the Mamavation group I posted that picture from saturday morning … I haven’t been able to find a good picture of me for obvious reasons when half of me is not cropped out but I do have this one to share …

I was just out of the shower when the second picture was taken, so please forgive my hair & lack of make up :)

I am even closer to my immediate goal … Loosing another 2.5 pounds this week! Making a total loss of 11.5 pounds since applying to be a #Mamavtion Mom this campaign! Today finalist are announced & next monday night the new #Mamavation Moms will be named! :) Hope you will join us & you could win some awesome prizes and swag!

Have a great week everyone!

This post is sponsored by Omron and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.


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  1. You are doing AWESOME girl, you look great! Look at in just that short time period how far you’ve come – imagine next year! =)
    We have been doing a lot of hiking as a family too. Such a great way to spend time with the family AND get a work out.
    Have a great week!

    • Thanks Krissy :) I am getting there. This picture was the reality check I needed. I was starting to feel like I wasn’t. It’s kind of like when I did MILI. I hated taking the before pictures but LOVED my end picture!! My goal is to be at my goal weight by Fitcation next year! :)

      I am not a nature person, so to love hiking is a little surprising but also awesome! Have a great week!

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