Hello Again!

It has been just about seven weeks since I have posted! As some of you know I have been blogging over at Mamavation as a current Mamavation mom. My blog has moved to the back burner for a little bit while I was doing that. Trying to keep up with two blogs, my daily food journal, tweeting, 3 kiddos and Adam was a little too much to take on. I had planned on getting back to posting, but I am a lucky girl to be asked to be in the next Mamavation Mom campaign for graduates (previous Mamavation moms).

I am sorry for the lack of updates on Aiden, and everything else. Life has been crazy busy, but especially with having two out of three kiddos in school! Aiden has made a lot of progress in the last few months but especially in the two months that he has been back in school, minus the seizures he has had recently. I started to feel like I didn’t have to worry so much about them anymore and then BOOM they were not only back but more frequent. We have made some serious changes in his diet and since then he has only had ONE episode. Fingers crossed eliminating the gluten and casein will continue to make a huge difference and improvement.

The girls are doing good! Adam is doing good. Nothing really new to update about them!

Remember the post “All Kinds Of Sick” that I wrote about in February about the headaches that I was having but everything kept coming back normal … Well they have figured out in the last couple of months what was going on! Only took another normal eye exam, adding a neurologist, having a spinal tap and an eye specialist to figure it all out! Long story short I have what is called “pseudo tumor cerebri” aka I have what my body thinks is a tumor in my brain but there isn’t one, hence why they kept not seeing anything on every MRI, MRA, and cat scan. The swelling, pressure and extra fluid on my brain is what was causing the headaches but it was also what was causing my optic nerve to hemorrhage. Like I said in my finial Mamavation Mom post this week was that if you don’t think weight loss can change your life, think again! After loosing almost 50 pounds since July thanks to Mamavation has made a HUGE difference in the swelling, amount of extra fluid and due to some of the relief in both of those things the hemorrhaging in my optic nerve is almost completely healed. Crazy, right?! I am almost headache free, they are starting to come back a little so I have to watch it but compared to the daily, non stop headaches I was having before I am feeling great. I feel more like myself, only a lot skinnier and healthier! Life is good!

Have a fabulous week! I will catch up on blogging as soon as I can! Thanks again for the continued support and love!


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