day 1 … thank you blogging & social media

365 Thanks: Everyday I will be posting a post about what I am thankful for today. As many of you in real life know, life has not been without challenges in many ways .. So instead of focusing on what isn’t they way I would like it, I am going to focus only on the positive and what I am thankful for. In a year I plan to look back on these posts to see how much has really happened! Thank you Alysa for this idea & the reminder to daily be thankful!

When I started blogging it was to have a place to share my experience, preserve my memories & share the moments with our family and friends that were missing out on seeing our kiddos grow up since we now live 12 hours away! I never thought that my blogging would help someone else, bring some of the best people into my life or really make a difference in the world. It wasn’t until I shared “Aiden’s Story” that I really realized that people are reading and taking something away from what I have written.

I have met the best people thru blogging & social media! My life would be a lot less colorful and amazing without them! I have also met so many parents who are raising special needs kiddos too and we have taught each other so much, but more importantly there has been the understanding “i’ve been there before” attitude when things were full of unicorns and rainbows.

Through blogging I found #Mamavation and it was shortly after we moved and I knew … NO ONE here. I became part of an amazing group of women who ended up becoming some of my best friends! It was in this group that I have learned so much about myself and what I can do. I never had sisters and always wanted one, now I have about 50 or so of them! They are all hilarious, passionate, caring & not to mention amaze balls!

The past August I was chosen as a #Mamavation Mom for campaign 13 and then joined the special graduate campaign in October. Come December I will have been working on getting my skinny back for 20 straight weeks! Holy guacamole it didn’t seem like that long ago this all began! So far in those 15 weeks I have pushed myself and even with everything going on I am blowing my goals out of the water! To date I have lost a total of 58.2 pounds, my original goal for my first campaign was 25 pounds. I have now more then doubled my goal. My “goal jeans” were one of my favorite pairs of Silvers & now even those are too big!  I could not have done all of this without each of those ladies cheering me on & supporting me thru the good days & the crappy ones.

Thank you to those who have influenced me, inspired me & supported me! It means more to me then you will ever know!


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