Day 2 … My Prince Charming

{day 14} I have a husband who can make me feel like he is lucky one to be married to me, even when I fling pasta at dinner & people are stopping and stare as he is trying to help me. I am thankful that he loves me seizures & all.

That was my thankful status this morning on facebook, and a the day progressed I became more thankful for him. Adam is an engineer during the week, a Packers fan of sunday & the best husband and father a girl an three kids could have! Daily he inspires me to be a better person, he loves me flaws & all, he can make me laugh even on the worse days. These past few weeks have been a blur of crappy moments. Another reason why it’s so important that I stop and write a post about what I am thankful for each day.

Yesterday, I went to the neurologist after many appointments and an EEG on monday afternoon we found out that the episodes I been having are in fact seizures. This summer I found out that I have Pseudo Tumor {also known as my body treats the large amounts of fluid like it’s a tumor and are attacking itself.} So I was starting to feel better after a spinal tap that had me in bed for a week & new meds. That was until last week at Zumba when in front of 12 other people my body decided to crap out. All of that wrapped up in a pretty package with a nice big bow means … I had to surrender my drivers license today & have to be seizure free for a minimum of 90 days until I can get it back. I am on some new meds that make me feel well … high on life! Kidding. They are just taking some time to get used to, due to the side effects. I feel like all of the dwarfs of snow white … Sneezy {allergies suck!], Sleepy & Dopey {thank you new medication}, Grumpy {self explanatory .. I mean I am not one to love being stuck at home!}, Doc {well I have plenty of those & the bills to prove it}, Happy {I have my moments} & Bashful {well I never really have been & if you know me you can probably agree with that!}.

Needless to say with all of that going on and everything else in our lives it would be reasonable to think that could make someone batty {well it already has made me batty!} but not Adam! He someone how makes me feel like he is lucky to be married to, like he won the grand prize. Even when on a date with him and fling pasta off my fork at a resturant because a seizure happens, he just gets up and does what he can to help until it’s over. {Well that’s what he tells me, since I don’t remember anything}. I joke with him that he should wait to say something he doesn’t want me to remember until he think it might happen! 

When we said “in sickness and in health” I didn’t plan on there being this much sickness! I a lucky girl to have found someone who would respond to that comment with “and I still don’t regret it or want to change my mind”. My prince charming doesn’t ride a white horse, but he is pretty freaking awesome! Don’t know what I would do without him! ♥


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