Day 3 … The Best Friends

Plain and simple I have the best friends … EVER!

I takes some pretty special people to love you and appreciate your flaws. To be the best Aunties to my babies. To be there to cry with you, laugh with you & to be ready to have your back no matter what. Even when you get married and life gets busy they are always there or just a phone call away. They will even joke about bringing a shovel to deal with a situation. In case some one reads this and takes that last sentence seriously, it has always been a joke. Laura and I would not make it in jail a moment!

Back in middle school we had a friend who would do “Chubby” and even to this day we can bring “Chubby” back like no one else!

One of the best parts about having the best friends in the world is you get to be Auntie Rachel to lots of adorable babies. The only thing that is as good as being a momma is being an Auntie! I think Adam would agree too he loves being Uncle Adam as much as being a daddy! I am really looking forward to our trips to the mitten coming up, because there are so many new babies that we get to meet & of course spoil! Nugget, Baby Deuce, Tater Tot the best nephews & maybe a niece an auntie could have! Oh & of course C man who is going to make one awesome big brother! Kristin hurry up and find out if I am getting a niece or a nephew! I am dying to know! 

When I moved out here, I missed my friends back home so much. I didn’t know if I would meet anyone out here who could make me laugh like they could, could talk for hours over margaritas or make me feel at home. Well, I was so wrong! I found those kinda girls here in Wisconsin and now I can’t imagine my life without them. Seriously Rebeca, Chandra, Kristin & Andrea you guys are a huge helping of awesome with a side of amaze balls! Thank you for being the best friends a girl could have!

To all my Michigan girls … A girls night out is in order in March for my birthday and in July when it’s just me & Adam coming home! None of you will be pregnant anymore :) and we can have some fun!! Bring on the margaritas & memories!

Love you all! Thank you for being a part of my life! I love you more then words! xoxo.


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