Day 5 … Progress

I am going to combine day 5 and my Mamavation Monday post today, because they go hand and hand. Also because if I don’t then I might be sitting here at my desk all night, and well then the mountain of laundry building up won’t go away.

You may know by now that between seizures, pseudo tumor, the kids being sick, everything going on with Adam’s job and trying to keep my head above water that I have been doing this thing called loosing weight as a Mamavation Mom. I can’t tell you how much I have lost this week, so you will have to look for our post on Thursday. What I can tell you is how much I have lost so far. Insert drum roll …. Since applying in July to be a Mamavation mom I have lost 58.2 pounds! That is more then either of my toddlers weight and a little less then my fourth grader! When I said I was ditching this dreaded baby weight I didn’t think that in a a few months I would be loosing a kid! I joked with Leah the creator of Mamavation that I was going to start tracking my weight loss in the number of kids I have lost.

Almost sixty pounds seems like a huge number and it is, but more importantly it’s a lot of progress. Slow, steady, always moving towards my goal progress. My goal is to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight you know before three kids who were BIG kids grew their first nine months in my tummy. So I hope that I can make it, but if I don’t I won’t be too upset. I mean I have already blown my original goal as a Mamavation Mom out of the freaking water. I have lost almost three times what my goal was. If that isn’t progress or something to be proud of then I don’t know what is!

Clearly I am not at my goal but having to buy smaller workout pants because you can’t run very long at the gym without constantly pulling up your other ones is a good problem to have. A much smaller waist, flatter stomach and shrinking many inches in your hips is an awesome reason to buy new workout clothes! Not to mention that I am wearing a second pair of Silvers only my favorite, super expensive jeans that I never thought I would wear again after the babies! The pair I am wearing now, as I write this post are even smaller then the ones that I had one day hoped to get back into!

I will be doing a 5k with two of my friends here in town in December. It’s part of fufilling my contract as a Mamavation Mom but also because I have been training and trying to to beat my own personal best time. Fingers crossed! My friend Kristin {@littlemamajama} who is doing the 5k with me, is pregnant with Baby Deuce means I am getting another niece or nephew soon so we may end up walking the 5k but thats ok! :) We are just getting ready to run one in the spring after Baby Deuce is born!

As I am writing this post I have my earbuds in and am blasting one of my favorite Gym Class Heros’ songs … “The Fighter”. It’s my go to song when running & when I am not finished but want to give up. It’s my go to song every time I have a seizure and it robs me of another moment. It’s the reminder that I need that I have come a long way and nothing is going to stop me now!


2 thoughts on “Day 5 … Progress

  1. Dooood, you are a machine! You look fantastic! I’m so jelly of your flat stomach right now *looks down at growing baby bump*. ;)

    Will you please be my workout motivator after I pop out this kid?! lol

    Seriously, so proud of you. You’re not letting anything get in your way.

    Sorry that I’ll be walking in our 5k. Next year, we’re totally going to run one together!

    • Aww no need to apologize! I am so okay not running this one. I mean after all I would rather run it when the seizure meds should be kicked in lol. I mean, running and seizures can’t be a good idea! :)

      Thank you so much for the support! Love you more then words! Don’t be jelly, you have my niece or nephew cooking in that growing baby bump so it’s ok! I will of course be your workout motivator!

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