Racing To Happiness & A Skinner Me


I did my first official 5k a couple of weeks ago with @littlemamajama & baby deuce. After that race I signed up for 13 in 2013 and was trying to plan out all of my races for my year. Thanks to 5 by the 5th I will have more races then I originally thought! Thank you Mommy Run Fast for putting this challenge together! If you would like to do 5 by the 5th then you can register here! You can do either a 5k (3.1 miles) or a 5 mile run by the 5th of each month! Sounds awesome huh!! They will be a virtual race every month starting in January & ending in June! You can get caught up on all of the details here!

When I go running at the gym, I usually do the 5k loop because if I don’t have a goal then it’s really easy to just stop. So I try to get at least 3.1 in every run at the gym. Some days I go knowing I don’t feel good & don’t do a long run, but remind myself that I am still lapping those still on the couch even on my bad days. Anything is better then nothing!

I am excited to do this after becoming a Mamavation mom because slowly my times have gotten better & I am now racing myself. Competing with my personal best record, and trying to blow that out of the water! Part of being a Mamavation mom means that when your campaign is over that you run a 5k. I did that already, but now it’s time to continue that and begin the training for a half marathon! 2013 is going to epic!

Are you planning on doing any races in 2013?

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6 thoughts on “Racing To Happiness & A Skinner Me

  1. I love your enthusiasm! 2013 is definitely going to be epic- I’m excited for you. And thanks for sharing about the race series!

    • You don’t have to be a runner at all! I am so excited to hear you are doing it too!! Good luck!! I am going to try to do at least 3.1 & 5 miles every other week. Fingers crossed this works out how I have it planned now :) :

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