Saying Goodbye & Looking Forward With Excitement


Saying goodbye is not something I am good at, I usually end up crying my way thru! I am sure as I write this post there will be tears!

2012 was a year filled with highs, lows & thru it all amazing memories and life lessons. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. There has been some tough things this year, but it all has made me a better person, made Adam & I better parents and helped us realize even more what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Our Little Man

306546_10151289571806955_1419195697_nThe start of 2012 began with our first appointment at the developmental clinic and so many answers to all of the questions we had. We had already gotten a diagnosis of ASD but according to some it was not official until we had seen yet another specialist. In that appointment though, I felt that they got to know the Aiden that we love. They didn’t look at like like a textbook diagnosis and stereotype. When we were there this month for his follow up, they remembered him. They remembered his love of spiderman, thomas the train & most of all his contagious smile!

This is his first full year in school and he is loving it! He has the best teachers and the best team at his school! It truly takes the bad experiences to make you appreciate the good ones. I love that he comes home everyday w. an art project to hang on the wall. I love that he LOVES to finger paint now! I love that he comes home and talks about his friends and what he did at school! 398495_789168128647_1301538291_n

We lived everyday wondering if we were doing enough to help him. When his regression happened, I felt like I failed him. I have spent everyday since then helping him in any way that I could! Every sleepless night & long day is paying off! He blew everyone at the developmental clinic away when he was initiating conversation with them! I love hearing “I love you momma” on a daily basis! He even does “I don’t like you momma! {short pause w. lots of giggles} I loooooooooove you!!” I no longer sing alone at bedtime either! He will sing with me at the top of his lungs! I have never been so happy to hear such loud singing!!

Our Sweet & So Sassy Hailey

311266_10151289570566955_1001783798_n She is growing up so fast! I am not ready for her to be in school yet! It seems like just yesterday that she was born, and Adam was holding her for the first time! My baby girl will soon be a kindergardener! I am clinging on to every moment before she leaves me. This year since Aiden & Kaitlin are in school she and I have had lots of time to have “girl time” as she calls it! I love having a never ending reason to laugh while running mundane errands, that girl is hilarious!

Hailey is such a good big sister & little sister! We joke that one reason Aiden may do ok in the church nursery is because he is used to Hailey! She has always had two volumes – loud and louder! She & Aiden are two precious peas in a pod!

311115_10151289574146955_1134942945_nOur Beautiful Kaitlin

I am not ready for my oldest baby to be talking about being in middle school yet! I don’t know where all of the time has gone but after this year, she has ONE year left before being a middle schooler. After that then it’s being a teenager, and well I am not ready for that anytime soon! Adam keeps reminding me how few years we have until she is driving and then off to college. She may be growing up be she is always going to be my baby girl!!

In the mean time she is either being amazing or is buried in a book! That girl may have the most reading moments in her entire school! This year she is in a class called “magic music” it’s an advanced music class! She has done some cool things like being in Cinderella & singing at the mall for all of the holiday shoppers! It has been so much to go to her performances and to watch her shine this year!

Adam & Rachel


After all of that you would think the update and closing of a year would be done right? Since many of you reading this now follow the blog, facebook and twitter I will not recap the entire year but we do have a little announcement to make!

All good things must come to an end & this next year will be the end of us being here the land of cheese & the Packers! Adam will joining that Army next year! In the mean time he is training and getting ready for his PFT test and we are trying to get everything ready to leave! We won’t be moving until next fall, but with a move & this family we need lots of time to get ready! I am not sure at this time if the kids and I will stay here or move back home to be closer to both of our families and friends.

I know the Grandparents, Aunties & Uncles miss seeing these faces!!

I know the Grandparents, Aunties & Uncles miss seeing these faces!!

Part of me wants to be home, because I grew up there, my family is minutes not hours away & weekly girl nights w. my besties! I will so greatly miss people here though! I have met and made some amazing friends here and without them these last 3+ years would have been so boring and lame! Kristin, Chandra, Rebeca …. I will be back!  Wisconsin & my girls will never be far from my heart & I will always come back to visit! This place has made me a better momma, wife, friend & person!

As 2012 ends and the next chapter of our lives begin, I will continue blogging & doing my best to keep in touch with all of you! Thank you for being a part of my life, being my friend, a reader of this blog, a fellow parent of a precious kiddo on the specturm. Know that you have all taught me so much & had such an impact on my life! xoxo

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8 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye & Looking Forward With Excitement

  1. Congratulations to your family for being so supportive of each other as you have gone through this year that included many trials as well as triumphs. Best of luck with the transitions you have coming up in the near future with the kids and Adam’s news. You are a resilient and feisty woman. I know you will be able to hold space to keep your family dynamic strong. xoxo

  2. Yep, that last part made me tear up. :-p

    You guys are so awesome, and I’m so happy that you’ve had such a year of growth and are looking ahead to new opportunities. Selfishly, I’m sad that it means you’ll be moving further away from me! ;) I’m so happy to have met you this year and I know that we’ll be friends forever.


    • Well this just made me tear up! I am not even packing or leaving yet & I already miss your face!! Thank you for the support, it means more to me then you know! I will be back, I promise! Auntie Rachel & Uncle does have a babies to hang out with :) Also I joked w. Adam that we couldn’t leave before I had plenty of time to snuggle Baby Deuce & C man! Oh and tutu shopping! Love you long time!
      p.s of course we will be friends forever .. you know too much! :) so kidding! xoxo

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