First Races Of The Year!

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you awesome To Hab & To Hold readers! Thank you for being the best readers in the world & thanks for making 2012 an awesome year of blogging!

I am not one who can usually follow thru with resolutions from January to December, but I am trying to make this year a lot different. I also don’t want I did in the second half of 2012 as a Mamavation mom to end! Many of you may know from other posts or from looking at the side of my blog that I am participating in #13In2013 and #5ByThe5th, both awesome race programs run by awesome bloggers! Today was my first day to get a race in for both of those! With #13In2013 I will be doing a minimum of 13 5k’s in 2013 and for #5ByThe5th I need to complete a run by the 5th of each month.



Adam and I decided last night that we were going to hit the gym early and get a good workout in. I figured since I was already there I should just get both races, and my workout in! Figured that would be one awesome way to kick off the new year right! So Adam and I went and did our run first, and normally I put the treadmill to 5k loop so I have a goal to get done. Today though I just started running, and didn’t think about putting the loop on! By the time I realized how far I had gone, I was at 7 miles!! I didn’t have to do another 3.1 for #13In2013 but I figured doubling my goal {accidentally or not} is pretty awesome! Maybe I should of committed to 10k’s insteadBut taking my mile times I entered that for my #5ByThe5th time for the 3.1 miles! After that 7 miles I jumped in the shower in the locker room, and then headed to the pool.

I am so mad that I don’t have pictures BUT you can’t have your phone in the locker rooms and that is where my bag was, so I had to leave it in the car! I told Adam I will run another 5k tomorrow when we are at the gym and snap my picture and time then! Who knows, maybe I will even go another 7 miles! 

The water felt so nice, but I started swimming a little slow because I forgot my inhaler at home & the last thing I needed was a asthma attack in the pool! By the time I was up to 400 meters I was feeling better and ready to kill it! By the time I hopped out of the pool I had gotten 1,500 meters in! I was already feeling sore so I headed right over to the hot tub! Let me tell you, that felt amazing after all of that!

I am home now and writing this post after a nap and having Adam rewrap me in Arctic Ease! I joked with him that with all of this additional daily running, I am going to need to buy more and they have it in pink! So soon I will have some more and will be a multi colored Arctic Ease queen!! If you run, walk, lift or anything you totally want to check out Arctic Ease! You can re-use it, it stays cold and it totally helps!! I plan on spending the rest of the day resting & getting ready to do this all over again tomorrow!

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8 thoughts on “First Races Of The Year!

      • You will :) The last 7 months have been life changing for me. You will get there! In the mean time you are taking a huge step forward! You are lapping people who are still on the couch!

        No matter the out come of the next campaign, don’t give up. Apply next time & until you become a MM. That is what I did :)

      • Thanks Rachel. That is actually a huge fear of mine: not getting chosen and getting down to the point I just give up. I guess with the support of you and the other Sistas, that won’t be possible! :)

      • I am the kind of person who will just say it like it is, so I am going to be honest with you. If you aren’t chosen this time you will feel disappointed. The best thing to do is to just take a moment, breathe and most of all don’t give up. {Sounds easy for me to say I know} but there will be more campaigns. You will always have all of us to help you in any way that we can and you just to pick up the next day and move on. IF you don’t get chosen this time, please don’t let that derail you. You are doing so great!! xoxo

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