Sticking Together No Matter How Much The Plans Change

Pour Your Heart OutOne of my best friends Kristin who blogs at Little Mama Jama posted a Pour Your Heart Out post today. I read it and loved the concept of doing this every wednesday. So here is my first of many Pour You Heart Out posts!

As most of you know Adam and I had a plan, a plan for the next few months and beyond. To say that I didn’t have my hopes up would be lying, but I wasn’t totally sold on the plan of action either. I didn’t like the uncertainty that the Army brought. There were so many changes and so many questions. I was worried about having to uproot the kids. I was worried about Aiden and all of the changes that would bring. We finally have doctors, therapists and a school that is really working. I was feeling like once again we would be moving for Adam and my plans, dreams and life would once again be put on hold. It would mean the kids saying goodbye to their friends & I would have to say goodbye {again} to mine.

When we got married Adam had to finish school. That was the plan but nothing ever goes according to plan. Long story short, it was not my goal to have one of the hardest years of my life away from my family, friends and totally out of my comfort zone. The first couple of years after Adam & I got married were tough ones. I thought that once he graduated and we ended up moving here that things would be golden. I felt like we had made it, survived the worst and were going to be ok. 

Life has not been as easy breezy as I was hoping for. Today as I was writing this post I remembered a post I had written almost a year ago. Everything Happens For A Reason was written when I needed some clarity and some peace. Reading that post this morning reminded me of how amazing things have also been these past couple of years. It has not been easy and at times I have wanted to throw in the towel and say I’m out. I thought it would be easier to do things on my own, to not have to continue to put my life on hold.

If there was one person though that I was going to put my dreams on hold for it would be Adam. He is the one person who loves me despite my flaws, has held my hand thru some of the toughest things I have ever gone thru and has loved me at my worst. When we said “I do” no one prepared us for miscarriages, the biggest disappointments we would have yet, raising a child with special needs or any of the other HUGE hurdles and challenges that we have overcome. He isn’t perfect but he is the one person who has daily chosen to hold my hand no matter what lies ahead. The Army wasn’t for us and I am not sure what is, but in the mean time we are staying here and waiting to see what is next for us!

Who knew that a few cross country races would lead me to spending the rest of my life with my prince charming some years later! ♥ Timing is everything!

Pour You Heart Out Adam & Rachel

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7 thoughts on “Sticking Together No Matter How Much The Plans Change

  1. I love this.

    “It has not been easy and at times I have wanted to throw in the towel and say I’m out.” <–I'm right there with you, woman! Life gets hard, but it's the things that happen that really show you what it's all about. Like you said so perfectly, your hubs chooses every day to hold your hand and go through life with you. Love is amazing. :)

    ((I'm secretly happy that you're staying here.)) ;) Want what's best for you guys always, though!

    • Glad to know I am not the only one! Those Adam’s they sure can be frustrating & yet so insanely awesome!! :) Love is an amazing thing!

      p.s I am so excited that we are staying because I can’t move away from you!! Love you long time!

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