Thank God I’m Fabulous!

This morning I am anything but fabulous! I should maybe change the title of this post to “Thank God I’m Normally Fabulous”. I currently have a bad case of bed head that are the aftermath of a couple of glasses of wine during my lovely bubble bath and during dinner. That wine was followed up with Tylenol cold, you know the night time Tylenol cold could knock you out without the help of wine. Whoops!


I don’t know at what point I went from watching American Idol on the couch to my bed, but I am sure Adam threw me back there so he could watch some nerdy engineering show without my snarky and sarcastic commentary.

This morning I woke up feeling like I just finished celebrating my 21st birthday and to Aiden lovingly and loudly in my ear “MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY WAKE UP”. Not how I planned on my day starting, but then again it never starts with me drinking a girlie drink out of a coconut while sitting on a white sandy beach! Instead I am in Wisconsin where it’s so freaking cold, sick kids and a cranky husband. 

After a hot shower, some coffee and make up I hope be back to looking fabulous! In the mean time my bed head and I are going to go cook an amazing breakfast. The girls are home today with sore throats, fevers & chills. So my morning might just end up being a luke warm shower and a granola bar.

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