I’ve Been There Too

It’s time again to apply to be a Mamavation mom! I have seen many of you who have expressed interest but there is something holding you back. This post is in NO WAY trying to push you to apply. Here is my story, I hope it will help you {either way} to know that you aren’t alone.

Decision Time

Deciding to apply to be a Mamavation mom is a big deal. You are saying to the world that you are ready to put it all out there. You are ready to change your lifestyle and get your family health. It can seem scary and overwhelming at first. After all you are opening up to the entire world and sharing everything from your before pictures to your faults. You are not going to like taking your before pictures, but remember we all have to start somewhere. All of the MM graduates were all once in your shoes taking those pictures. We hated it just as much as you are right now :) It will be ok though. No one will judge you for the way you look in those pictures. I promise!

Fear Of Rejection

There is a chance that you will not be one of the women chosen for this campaign. You will feel disappointed. You may be mad and feel like you worked so hard for this and can’t believe you didn’t get it. You may even want to just give up, and not apply again. I underlined the word “this” in the first sentence because there will always be another campaign. You will have another chance to apply, don’t let the outcome of this one derail you. Take a moment, a couple of days or whatever you need to breath and collect yourself & your thoughts.

I can say all of this because I have been here too. I applied in two campaigns before becoming a Mamavation Mom in campaign 13. Meagan Carter {@nccarterfamily} also did not become a MM until her third application. You should know that Meagan & I have lost an unbelievable amount of weight. I am only speaking for myself but I don’t think that I would have made as much progress as I did, if I had become a MM before I did.

Fear Of Not Being Able To Do It 

In the last 18 months I have had to deal with a lot of unexpected health issues. I won’t bore you with all of the details but between my seizures, my pseudo tumor, a spinal tap on my first day as a MM & being so sick I didn’t think I would be able to do this. I was afraid of failing. I was afraid of letting down everyone. NOTHING stopped me from becoming healthier, dropping the pounds & saving my own life. I am not kidding you, being a MM literally saved my life. In January my neurologist said “without that huge weight loss, I can’t say that we would be celebrating right now”. I could not have had that weight loss without the help of Mark {@MrBookieboo}, Leah {@Bookieboo} or Alysa {@InspiredRD}.

You can do this, and I hope you believe that. No matter where you are starting from, you are lapping everyone still on the couch.

before-after pic

I hated taking the picture on the left, but it’s where I began. The picture on the right was taken at the end of my campaigns. I have lost more weight. I am running more then 15 races this year. I am swimming A LOT of meters every week. My dream of running a half marathon & full marathon before I am 30 are very real goals now. I can actually train for a triathlon and hopefully do one before I am 30. All things that were on my bucket list, but I didn’t ever think I would actually be able to do. I am doing them now.

Don’t let anything get in your way! You could be posting before and after pictures like this too!

blog post pic 3.4.13I never used to smile like this before. I never thought I looked good in pictures before. I lost my mojo & my confidence. Being a MM gave me all of those things back!

We Are Here For You

There are a LOT of sistas that are cheering you on & will help you in any way. If you are not selected this campaign come talk to any of us and we will help you. We can help get you started and be there to encourage you!

Good luck ladies! Let me know if you need any help & please let me know if you apply so I can support you!


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21 thoughts on “I’ve Been There Too

  1. I have YOU to thank for your open book, no sugar coating willingness to share your story! I gained the courage to step off the ledge, and make the application video. My life changed from that moment. Fear was replaced with FIRE, and I became fierce. I have my life back! I love you, Rachel. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your support!

    • Oh Jeanae! You have no idea how much that means to me. I am so proud of you and all of the progress that you have made these past 7 weeks! I am in awe of your fire! Get it girl! xo

  2. A lot like Jeanae, I applied to be a mamavation mom because of your story!!! AND a lot like you I was not chosen my first time around. I did have a lot of those feelings, but I agree with you I was not ready. I am now and that is actually thanks to Jeanae. She had a horrible tragedy happen during her campaign and she kept on going. Her strength is what woke me up to say, “well yea, I have a lot of crap going on right now, but if Jeanae can stick to it with what just happened, I have no excuse.”

    You are so inspiring Rachael, even to this day. Even through a torn muscle, sickness, and embarrassment you kept strong and kept on truckin. I LOVE YOU!!!

  3. I love how you’re sharing your success to benefit so many others. You have touched the lives of these ladies, and more, in such a positive way. Thanks for sharing your confidence and hope with the world!!!

  4. You are so incredible! I can’t even being to say how much of an inspiration you are. Just getting a cold can derail me, yet you didn’t let some really major health and family issues get in your way. You are a shining example of what happens when you set your mind to do something and just do it!

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