We Won’t Be Ordering Anymore Fast Food

As a country we all love to eat out. It’s sometimes easier to order something from a back lit board then to cook when the kids are screaming, and you don’t have any food in the house. I know in our house we have days like that, and it does seem easier to get a happy meal for them then to try and figure something out for dinner.

With Aiden’s food allergies we have to really limit where we eat. Even then we can’t always control what other items the utensils have touched before his food. We don’t even know what the employees who are making our food have touched. We don’t know that those employees making our food are taking the proper and necessary precautions to ensure our food is safe.

For example, a group of my husband’s co-workers went to a restaurant in our town. When they walked in and ordered they didn’t suspect that they would all soon get so sick they would be in the hospital and in addition missing work. I am pretty sure they didn’t think to ask all of the staff {especially the cooking staff} had washed their hands after using the restroom. Unfortunately the staff cooking their food had not washed their hands before preparing their food. All of my husband’s coworkers got very ill. After a long investigation from the health department it was found that there was Escherichia coli (E. coli) from human feces in their food from improper hygiene. It’s sad that we will pay for food that could be contaminated, not a good quality or slowly killing us and we as a society are ok with that.

Have you ever thought about how much money your family spends a year at restaurants? This is a sad fact about our country. “This year Americans will spend over $110 billion on fast food more than they’ll spend on movies, books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and recorded music combined.” cbsnews.com. I don’t know about you but if I had $110 billion dollars to spend I know I would not be spending it on something that is so unhealthy for me, my family and single handedly derailing my goal of becoming healthier. I also don’t think I would be paying so much money for something that could make me sick.

In our town Checkers just opened this week and we decided to give it a try since so many people were raving about it. Mistake #1 – Listening to the opinions of others & letting that greatly influence your decision. Once we got there it was packed full of people who seemed to like the food. We ordered and then to my surprise I was charged for a dipping sauce for the chicken bites meal that Kaitlin had ordered. To me that is like charging for a packet of dressing when you order a salad. I paid the .49 for the ranch sauce, but once we sat down {almost 20 minutes later} we noticed they didn’t even put the ranch that we paid for in the bag! I wish I had a picture of her chicken she was served, but she threw them away before I could get a picture. My food, I threw it away too but not before taking a picture. The picture below shows you what the Checkers site advertises and what my actual cold, hard and very disgusting burger looked like!


As if our experience was not enough to not come back already, when we were walking out to my car {in the completely unsalted & unplowed parking lot full of ice} we were being as careful as we could. All of the sudden Kaitlin slipped and ended up hitting her head on the curb of the sidewalk and the rest of her body in the parking lot. She is now sitting in her bed with three ice packs and pretty sore.

All in all I think this experience tonight was the reality check that we won’t be eating fast food anymore. I would rather pay more money per meal/person and go to the organic restaurants we have here in town. It’s true that you get what you pay for. The cheaper the price, the cheaper the food you will receive.

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5 thoughts on “We Won’t Be Ordering Anymore Fast Food

  1. Yikes!!! I just started menu planning to help me in the above circumstance of, “What’s for dinner?” giving up and ordering out because I can’t find anything. This week was the first week we haven’t ordered out in a LONG time!

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