Mamavation Monday: Back From My Weekend In The Woods


We had such a fun weekend with Grandma & Grandpa!

The girls & I just got back from a weekend at the cottage yesterday. We had so much fun! Most people who know me, know that I am not a big nature girl. The closest nature and I get is when I run outside or on the trails. When I say I am not a nature girl I mean that Adam will laugh almost the whole time as I jump, scream and run faster just to be done. In fact while we were on the trail at the Tahquamenon Falls this weekend I spent a lot of time up close with nature & screaming.

Once we got to the cottage we unpacked, went sledding down the big hill & then the girls went for a walk across the lake with Grandpa. They loved being out in the middle of the woods where they could be as loud as they wanted to!

After sledding we went to dinner. I decided that I was going to ditch my diet. Not forever, but just for a couple of days. I wanted to have a fun weekend, and not have a care in the world. The Whitefish was a cool place! I think they knew I wasn’t a local from the moment they saw my shoes when I walked in. It’s not very often that you see a pair of pink, glitter Converse in the woods! image-4
We played the lottery, won some money, ate some awesome food & witnessed a fight. The bar fight became the joke of the weekend!

I am in love with Tahquamenon falls! It’s so beautiful and I was so excited to walk down the trail. That was until I couldn’t stand up and walk more then 5 steps before me & the back I was carrying would slam into the ground! I am not kidding, it happened so often that we could not stop laughing and then my butt & legs weren’t the only thing hurting! Thankfully the DNR had snowshoes for visitors to use.


Before I continue telling you about this adventure remember the following things: I am so clumsy it’s ridiculous. I have broken a few bones in sports. This adventure was taking place on an icy trail & a ton of people around. After the helpful DNR officer helped me I was able to walk more then 10 steps at a time, in fact I was able to do the entire trail. That was a LONG trail, especially in snow shoes for the first time! I did it though, and after completing it I figure it’s great training for a half marathon. I signed up for my first half this fall, and after hitting the submit button I almost cried. Ok, not really cried but fear was my greatest emotion! I will do it this fall & like this weekend be so proud of myself for finishing!

This weekend make me realize how much I missed living in the UP. How much I need to just unplug & go take some time to myself. That it’s ok to ditch my diet, and pick it back up monday! I don’t have a scale picture this week since I choose to eat chicken tenders, french fries & lots of ranch! I also had one of the best burgers I have ever had & soda. Today is a new day & this is a new week. It’s back to the daily workouts & diet.

Hope you all had a fabulous week!


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11 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday: Back From My Weekend In The Woods

  1. Love you girl and all your adventures. So proud of you for just living in the moment and leaving the crazy behind. If you can do as much walking and trekking as you did this weekend you can so do a half marathon. I am rooting for you and it is great to just take a break, unplug and do something that makes us happy.

  2. How much do I love your pink, sparkly shoes? A LOT!
    I actually think it’s good to ditch the diet for a few days every once in a while – as long as you pick it right back up. Sometimes doing that will help break through a plateau.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful nature break!

    • Thank you Krista! Love you!
      I knew someone else in the world would appreciate my pink shoes other then myself :):)

      Diet is back today & so are workouts. I almost feel like I have more motivation and mojo because I took a break.

  3. Okay I am totally jealous because I want to play in real snow sooo bad but I’ve never been able to do it… and love the shoes I bet that would be the one pair David wouldn’t steal… Glad you had such an awesome unplugged time with the girls :)

    • Meagan, you should come visit in the winter. Here we don’t have as much snow as we used to have when we lived there but I think you would enjoy the amount of snow we get. See you here in say January? :):) Love you!!

  4. That sounds like a great trip. I haven’t been in real snow my entire life I so want to do that. Nothing wrong with having a little fun as long as you get it tight and right again. A half marathon is awesome I will be cheering you on from the sidelines :)

  5. First time on snowshoes and you did 10 miles? That is amazing. We actually have snowshoe races out here too. You will find may endurance sport athletes on them or x-country skis. I am so jealous of your weekend – sounds like my kind of heaven to be up in some cabins in the woods.

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