Inspiration & Information

The list of blogs we read & love is quite lengthy but so worth sharing!

Some blogs are written by those closest to us, some who we have met thru blogging & some that are simply an awesome source of support & information. Not all of the blogs & shares are about Autism but many are. Autism can be a very isolating & thru blogging we have not only posted our strengths and struggles, but have connected with other parents who truly understand, can relate & don’t look at us with judgement.

Ventography – Just two moms letting off some steam. Leah & Molly are two moms who have given us hope, encouragement, inspiration & lots of laughter! They both have children who are also on the spectrum & like us are passionate parents, who are informing others while sharing their experiences and journey.

It’s A Wunderful Life – Life with twins and autism from a dad’s perspective. Like myself this is the blog of another dad, sharing his perspective, journey, and information. Rachel & I have really enjoyed reading his posts!

A Diary Of A Mom – The first post I ever read from this blog was “Welcome To The Club” that was reblogged by another blogger who I love Everything Under The Sun. It truly is a letter and post that I will always pull out on the days or times that we are struggling.



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