Mamavation Monday: Starting To Love What I See

This week wasn’t my best & was pretty emotional. I didn’t run as many days this week as I would have liked to and needed to. Thankfully though I was able to do everyday of the #2WeekChallenge with @MrBookieboo. I have enjoyed doing the workouts with Adam. It’s become a little bit of a competition. :)

Here is a bit of a recap of my week & my scale picture for this week …


I don’t know about you but until I started dropping serious pounds I hated what I saw in the mirror. I lost my mojo & confidence in myself. This morning I was making up my #2WeekChallenge workout and before I jumped in the shower I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror in my workout clothes. Those clothes being a sports bra & yoga pants. My first reaction to what I saw in the mirror was the biggest sense of confidence I have had in a long time. Even working out at home I would not have worn this type of outfit before. I would of worn baggy pants & t-shirt. I in no mean am at my goal weight and I am not “bikini ready” yet. I have some more work to do and I am ok with that. What I did need though is a reminder of how far I have come.

I have lost 40 inches & counting. The picture on the left was taken in September 2011, during my first application to be a MM. The girl on the right didn’t let anything stop her or get in her way. I have proven to myself that I could do it, and the only thing that was holding me back was me. My dreams and goals are no longer on hold, and there is no stopping me now.

Health wise my biggest issue is the extra skin I have from loosing all of this weight. I haven’t had a seizure in 125 days. I am able to run longer and longer without having to use my inhaler. Hopefully I can keep it that way as my allergies get worse. That will be a huge win!! My headaches from my pseudo tumor are decreasing. My running times are getting better with each run. My lap times are improving every week. I am planning on running my first half marathon this fall with Adam and am running close to 20 other races this year.

This summer I am spending a month at home with the parents. I am beyond excited to go hiking, to run the dunes & run on the most beautiful trails. My goal is to also run a couple of races while I am home. This year started out with a goal of 13 races and I was intimidated. I  may end this year with close to 30 under my belt!

Hope you had a fabulous week!

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Throwback Thursday: Almost Two Years Ago

This picture was taken almost two years ago when we were out of town for our first appointment at the chidlren’s hospital.  It would be at this appointment that we would first get answers to our questions & have a diagnosis. We have come such a long way in the past two years.

Before all of the serious stuff though we had to get Starbucks!


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